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Melodifestivalen 2018.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. But honey it didn't even go through to AC despite being a banger. How is this ”trying to be positive?” I want a good final. Or at least a tolerable AC.
  2. How the world views David Lindgren:


    How SVT apparently views David Lindgren and decides to present him:

    I can't.
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  3. He must have some incriminating photos of the DG.
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  5. It's just a ridiculous mustache, but still, cute
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  6. I probably shouldn’t judge since I can’t even grow a proper mustache.

    The new director has explained his vision and changes for Melodifestivalen in a new interview and I’m not that thrilled. He’s come up with this ”One Together” theme (that’s also the title of the new shit theme song) throughout all the shows and it’s about being ”thoughtful”, ”challenging norms” and ”showing humanistic values and equal treatment of all”.

    Sounds nice but lame and I’d prefer it if we just got some good old Edward af Sillén humor, a new Lynda Woodruff and a bunch of schlager medleys. I hope it’s not all going to be like this.

    There is also a worrying quote about how he wanted to turn all of Melodifestivalen into ”Hamlet and a Guns n’ Roses concert”. Apparently he was stopped. Fortunately.

    Oh, and he looks like a proper villain:

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  7. Cursed image
  8. Oh, Linda.

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  9. This is so ... bizarre.
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  10. You’ll never return to #melfest in 2018 or any year if you send in dog-poo like this!
  11. But... she's not even from Värmland... I don't....

    Besides, it doesn't hold a candle to Pernilla Wahlgren's ode to her town (basically the Swedish Hamptons):

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  12. I love how she's shouting out how good their schools are since all of her kids are basically ”Africa is a country” dumb.
  13. He looks like the runway theme for Drag Race this week was bearded ladies again...
  14. Felix Sandman has announced he won't be competing as Felix Sandman.

    Instead, his moniker shall be...

    FELIX SANDMAN. Yes, all capitalized letters.

  15. Have they hired Brian Blessed to do the tannoy then?

  16. U got my hopes up
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  17. (also me whenever Wiktoria performs)
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  18. Coincidentally, also Wiktoria whenever Wiktoria performs.
  19. It reminds me of how one of those fashion blogs always refers to Tilda Swinton as SWINTON.

    I liked when FELIX SANDMAN posted a photo with a fraudulent exposed testicle last year.
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