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Melodifestivalen 2018.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Literally had the same thought
  2. 3rd of Feb.

    I would kill for a version with an English subtitle.
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  3. It’s the first week of Melodifestivalen 2018!!! Do we think Mariette is going to take the crown??

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  4. After the blatant rigga morris Christer Björkman tried at the French final, I'm hoping Polish Margaret wins for a kii.
  5. Dddd especially with that lack of stage presence.

    I'm getting Tulisa at BGT vibes
  6. I'm missing the first episode and... I don't care.


  7. Like.....
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  8. 'sidekick'

    Fuck off SVT. No-one likes David Lindgren.
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  9. I thought this was David in a fatsuit and I was ready to sound off dddd
  10. When do we get the preview clips On the Radio oh oh oh ohhh ohhh?
  11. There are short interview clips with each contestant on the SVT website, each finishing with a snapshot with their signature written over it and Benyameen's is iconic:

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  12. Why do I find Benjamin attractive this year? dddd
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  13. A&E


    Ddd obviously she's never watched Mello before.
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  14. Not that “90s glamour shots at the mall” pose!

    Thank you for that hint of arm hair, though.
  15. I fear this season is going to turn me homophobic.
  16. Think of all the likes you'll miss out on here, due to not being able to post shady gifs

  17. Not my own memes being used against me
  18. I'm typically out on Saturday for dinner (the rudeness of it all!) if I remember rightly SVT have it on their catchup don't they?
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  19. As I recall they’ve had it available for ~48 hours after, but then they take it down so as to not give the winning songs “an advantage” over the songs from later on in the show. Or something.
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  20. Benjamin to win just because he's a babe.
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