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Melodifestivalen 2018.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. I think Fab Freddie and the guy he awarded are going to fuck tonight
  2. Are we sure Ida Redig isn’t just Florrie after taking a Duolingo course? Have they ever been seen in the same room?
  3. 6 & 4 DTF, 1 & 2 AC snälla.
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  4. David skipped Margaret to save her from a heart attack
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  5. How is it possible for Samir & Viktor to be so off-beat, like guys it’s your song!
  6. The fact that this fucking happened again one year later

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  7. So

    that was that
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  8. At least we have Yessica Andershon to look forward to next week.
  9. Better the guy he awarded than you (or any of us)
  10. We need some fucking women in the final. Jessica Andersson needs to go through.
  11. Mimi Werner? MIMI Werner was number third in the voting I could not believe it.

    (I mean I could believe it and I didn't even watch tonight but I really just wanted to make this pun)
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  12. So tonight has reminded me how much I miss September. Will Petra ever be September again?. Going offline to dance to the 'In Orbit' album.
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  13. One more thing if Polish Margaret can do Melodifestivalen, do we think Norwegian Margaret (Miss Berger) would ever do it? (I'm still bitter we never got her third album after her success on Eurovision).
  14. ”Can I like this twice” etc
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  15. till next week, ladies

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  16. Queen of developing charisma and a personality within a year
  17. Do we already know what the rules for Andra Chansen will be this year? Duels again with 4 songs going through?
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  18. A&E


  19. A&E


    Kylie's Pyrite found rotting!
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