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Melodifestivalen 2018.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. This was for sure the highlight this evening.
    And already on spotify!!

  2. I went on a date or whatever with a Swedish guy. That was my melodifestivalen.

  3. [​IMG]

    Buy it, stream it, gift it to friends etc.
  4. Dddd I think this is actually the best song so far. Not saying much, but I'm still shook. Margs came to the playpen with her best bop.
  5. The only person I cared about advancing with Mimi, the rest I didn't care. I did fully expect the results that we got though. As undeserving and completely talentless as I think Samir & Viktor are, they were for sure going to qualify direkt in this lineup. Happy for Margaret, too. I don't understand what Eurovision fans see in her at all but poor thing was nervous as hell.
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  6. I've been out of the loop with Melodifestivalen this year with one thing and another: any songs worth catching up on from the first few weeks?
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  7. Benji’s ‘Dance You Off’ and Margaret’s ‘In My Cabana’ are so far the only song I’ll be keeping around post melfest.

    Renaida’s ‘All The Feels’ and new Samir & Victor were cute too in a “the bar is really low this year huh” kind of way.
  8. I have to say, the more I listen to "In my cabana" on Spotify, the more I like it...It's no "cool me down", but still...yes plz
  9. Same for me, it's actually better than I thought at the beginning!

    Btw, do any of you guys have any idea what is the name of a place where Melodifestivalen after party took place last year and the queen Krista Siegfrids and Oscar Zia were performing?
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  10. Apparently it’s called Mister French?

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  11. Thoughts after randomly clicking around on SVT Play’s rebroadcast:

    -I enjoy how the only “spontaneous” choreography Samir can do is to put his arm around Viktor’s neck.


    -Has anyone ever heard the phrase “let’s go ape” before last week? I understand what they’re going for but ... I dunno.

    -Mimi’s song annoys me for being called “Songburning” when it should be “Song Burning” based on the lyrics. Either way she should get that checked out.

    -Lastly, Petra was the best performance of the night and any 2018 entrant would do well to see how she has progressed in her stage shows over the years. She wiped the floor with everybody and made it look effortless.
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  12. Fun fact: We've got an outdoor activity assault course place nearby called "Go Ape" but obviously I've never been because... homosexual.

  13. So LIAMOO claims he has shoesize 14.

  14. Great, I could not find it, thanks!
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  15. I am screaming at the studio version of Patrick Swayze.

    Like... her processed monotone vocals... the cheap beats... the almost threatening cheeriness of the song.

    I bop.
  16. somehow this week's lineup is looking more underwhelming than the last two

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  17. The "let's go ape" isn't really that bad. Obviously she means "apeshit" but y'know... censoring.

    Ace Wilder where? Lisa Ajax who?
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  18. Hopefully it's been engineered this way so Dotter has absolutely no trouble going DTF.


    Of course we all know how putting purposefully weak* competitors in a semi worked out for Loreen last year.

    *Although this is like 95% of the competition this year eek.
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  19. He does seem like a big cock owner. Shame about the music, tho.
  20. [​IMG]
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