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Melodifestivalen 2018.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Let's go live to a group of people who are disappointed that Nano will not participate next year:

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  2. But without Nano, how will SVT appeal to da yoof?
    More Clara Henry vlog segments?
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  4. Anyone get tickets?
  5. I’ve discovered these albums on Spotify with a lot of Melodifestivalen songwriters and songs around the 3 minute mark. I suspect most of these were sent into Melodifestivalen and then just thrown onto Spotify after they were rejected. Most of them are shit, but there are also a lot of basic demo bops!

    Oh, and why is this interesting? Well, THERESE sings some of these. And they’re pretty amazing. According to me, both of these are up there with some of her best songs.

    It’s also (kinda) interesting listening to these songs knowing that a lot of times SVT are asking for songs that sounds like current hits. (For example, this year, Christer Björkman has been BEGGING for a ’Despacito’ according to the Swedish press). We all know this is how ”Heroes” was created.

    Basically ’Don’t You Worry Child'

    Basically ’Happy'

    Basically ’Get Lucky’:

    I should probably point out that I have no proof whatsoever that these are rejected Mello tracks, it’s just a conspiracy of mine.
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  6. Ace Wilder
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  9. A&E


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  10. I know I've done this before, but I don't care:

    Me when I heard this David news:

  11. Obviously there's only one person who can save Melfest now...

    Silvía Nótt.
  12. Louder!
    Silvía Nótt
  13. I hope Wiktoria and Aninia return and perform a literal earth shattering duet with each other as their entry.

  15. Can we petition for Ace Wilder to put Busy Doin' Nothing on UK iTunes already.
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  16. DJ Mendez is a terrible rapper, but he knows a good chorus. This is still a BOP.

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  17. Oh joy... not another brain dead Samir & Viktor number.


    All these facking men...

    Save us Krista Siegfrids!
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  18. It's happening! I'm definitely too excited considering the fact that it's only November.

    However, none of those names makes me want to scream out of joy. Sigrid seems alright, and ”This Summer” is nice, but she's hardly an exciting popstar is she? Plus, she's Samir's girlfriend so I have some questions about her judgement.

    2.6/5. Surely Sweden must have at least 700 other quite unknown pop girls who would like to enter who are more exciting than this.
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