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Melodifestivalen 2019.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. What are your thoughts on 2019? Is Petra September finally debuting at Melodifestivalen?

    Another year, another thread!
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  2. I hope so.

    Who's going to be the old duffer legend of the contest that finishes last?

    Will the villain find a presenter worse than David Lindgren?
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  3. *Oscar Zia and Lisa Ajax celebrating gif*
  4. It's gonna be horrific as 2018 *feels*
  6. I await for Renaida to return with a megabop that'll land at 6 in the finals!
  7. Ace Wilder should be coming back with a country ballad. She's ~hip with the times, that one.

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  8. it's only natural after Kikki Danielsson did so well this year.
  9. I need more boppy trainwrecks like Kamferdrops, thnx
  11. Honestly I've tried thinking about what I'd like to see for Melodifestivalen 2019 but after this year's mostly woeful presentation I now have literally zero expectations for next year dddd.

  12. Now I'm imagining Loreen presenting.
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  14. O wait I actually do have one expectation for next year. The return of:
  16. These are pretty basic requests @SVT
  17. Don't do that to Fab Freddie. I blame everything (and I mean everything) on David fucking Lindgren. I'd like Lotta Lundgren and Petra Mede to host next year, please.
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  18. So are we expecting a change-up this year or is Sweden cool with bombing the televote?
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  19. Having lived in Sweden for a year, they will NOT be cool with bombing the televote. However I don’t think any song from Melfest this year would have done significantly better. I have no doubt quality songs are submitted, I think SVT need to do a better job of sifting through them.

    Additionally the vocals on both Eurovision performances were not great. Melfest should have the same rules as Eurovision so at least we know what we’re getting.
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