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Melodifestivalen 2019.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. I must not have been paying attention to the songwriters because both Anna Bergendahl AND Nano have songs from the Bridge Troll????
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  2. Also, the FFVII&O character released another serviceable song today, so maybe his Melfest entry could be a secret bop.

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  3. Queen of destroying the regional juries
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  4. I can't wait until about halfway through semi 3 when you all realise you have to stan Anna Bergendahl because everything else has been shit.

    He has something like four songs in semi 1.

    Not with my best friend in the world* Lina from Alcazar

    *She gave me a high five at the concert last week.
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  5. Omar having her own colour post-it... I'm guessing dark blue means FUCKING BANGER or something.
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  6. Oh I read the article lol
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  7. 'Sorry' written on Wiktoria's

    It's too late Björkman. The damage has been done.
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  8. I feel like Anna will either win or she will be a Loreen 2.0 situation where she flops. I assume her song is much more mainstream than Statements was, though.
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  9. That wall in Melodifestivalen HQ makes me really mad because it quite clearly could fit more than 28 songs, but I guess it was more important to have interstitials like FAB FREDDIE “SKITS”

    More like Fab Freddie skits are skit!!!
  10. Wait they said no joke acts this year, does this mean we will get more joke skits during the show then? Oh nooo.

    I still hahe nightmares about Freddies glitter canon
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  11. Why did they change from 8 to 7 anyway?
    Sarah and Maria are actually talented though. I haven't seen Kodjo before so I don't know about him.
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  12. "...many fans were less enthusiastic."

    @ the PJ subform next time, @SVTmelfest
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  13. How many furious letters did @popknark2 send?
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  14. I love that they drag themselves
  15. Scream. Swedish transparency working both ways is iconic.
  16. Oh lord the jokes write themselves

  17. It does look more DMGP than Melodifestivalen, but I like it!
  18. Yaaaasss overload our senses with LED effects
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  19. If the Wikar of DULLbley (sue me) was standing in front of this part would we even be able to see her?
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