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Melodifestivalen 2020.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, May 19, 2019.

  1. I think it is time we finally send a female artist and win the whole shebang, it has been far too long. Stockholm 2021 please!
  2. Time to roll out Loreen again
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  3. Justice for Malou Prytz! And Krista Siegfrids!
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  4. Zara Larsson still can’t get album #2 out, just putting it out there.
  5. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Forgive me if this is being discussed elsewhere and please point me towards the right place if it already is, but why do we think there's been such a disconnect with the televoting for Sweden these last two years? And what could they do different to counter this?
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  6. justice for lina hedlund
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  7. Last 3 years even. Robin didn't do terribly but not that great either. I think Sweden's problem is that they're just too slick, but without being interesting. I love Dance You Off, but the performance is so boring.
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  8. I think the problem is Sweden sends the same song every year, we've heard it all before. Yeah it's well produced, staging is slick etc. But I feel Sweden has to change things up drastically and send something completely else next year, a woman, or a group even, anything but again a good looking guy with a slick pop song.
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  9. They just sound too perfect, always a smiley guy, slick choreo, perfect camera shots. You think its well done but it doesn‘t grab you emotionally.
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  10. It's not like they don't try - Melfest has plenty of bands and odd acts. They just never make it.
  11. LEILA K

    Let me put that out into the universe once again.

  12. Yeah 5 camera-mugging dudes in a row is a bit much.

    Which leads me to another question ... should Melodifestivalen kill off or expand the international juries? (Sorry @Charley I am rehashing our earlier conversation...) As time goes by it just seems weird to me that it’s five weeks of Sweden! Sweden! And then the final rolls in and suddenly you’ve got international people weighing in (and not large amounts of international people).

    Remember in 2009 when they let an international jury pick one non-DTF song from each heat? It didn’t really work out so well since two of their four picks made it via Andra Chansen anyway, but that gives an “external” influence without it being a huge chunk of the scoring.
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  13. Which reminds me that was either a tweet or a Facebook post that SVT were looking for members of the public to answer poll questions after being alerted by email. Might be worth signing up if you can find it—I’ve now deluded myself into thinking I have a say in things. Since I enrolled, the only question they’ve sent was “Who should host?” and gave a list of 50+ people. You best believe I clicked on Gina Dirawi, Sarah Dawn Finer, and Petra Mede, left the “Anyone else not named here?” section blank, and hit SKICKA...
  15. Luckily because of Norway this year having joik as part of their act this year. It means hopefully we won't be bothered by Jon Henrik Fjällgren for a few years.
  16. Yes! We gonna need Kleerup to produce one of his sad dance floor bops for one of our melfest girls.
  17. A&E


    Well... he did this silly bop for Mello. (Also I'm not sure if he's still doing sad dance floor bops)

    Speaking of which, while Swingfly I don't care for, I'd love for Gutarra to come back!

  18. A&E


    Also, this was basically a Kleerup bop without the need for Kleerup.

  19. Never forget Kleerup’s Mello songwriting pre-With Every Heartbeat:

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