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Melodifestivalen 2020.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, May 19, 2019.

  1. i have more 2020 songs than previous 1-2 years so i'm fine with that year.

    jakob karlberg is also snapped but yet robbed.
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  2. I genuinely love Kingdom Come and I want it to win.
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  3. tea
  4. I am sorry but I wouldn‘t be surprised if Kingdom Come wouldn‘t qualify come May and we don‘t want her to go through that again.
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  5. It would be a kii though
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  6. She is the only Swedish artist qualified for a situation like that. *ba dum tss*
  7. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    Hope you all will be sending in your votes for Popjustice: 12 Points! The deadline is Friday February 28th at 5:00 PM GMT to DM me your favourites out of all 28 competing songs.

    All details in this thread, hope to see you there!

    For every vote received Nanne will get an extra spare part to finish her car.
  8. I legit think Frida Ohrn is the MVP this season. Her song is so corny, so cliched, it's staged badly, the dress stinks, drunk mum dancing on show and yet, despite all this, she sings the fuck out of it and managed to get to AC. Krista could never.

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  9. shut UP

  10. [​IMG]

    I kid!

    One could be forgiven for thinking Frida is trolling Melfest. There's some genuine feeling in her voice and the whole thing feels unpolished. How very un-Melodifestivalen.
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  11. She must be a really good troll then since it’s her third time in the contest.

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  13. She was also a part of this boppy effort from 2004!
  14. I wasn't ready.
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  15. LaRoxx are legends, they used to have the gayest show on ZTV (basically Swedish MTV with music videos and ”youth programming”) and 13 year old me would always get out of the sofa trying to recreate the camp dance routine they'd begin every episode with, pretending I had two girls next to me waving feathers.

    Oh god watching that in hindsight I think LaRoxx might've turned me into the basic euro gay I am today.

    We haven't changed a bit, Frida. You and me both. Now win that duel and GET FELIX OUT OF THE CONTEST.
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  16. Of course James Corden found out about Nanne's song

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  17. Aside from being a horrible human being, his Eurovision knowledge is awful.
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  18. The dig at Victor was quite satisfying though.
  19. Nanne performing on James Corden would be kind of iconic.
  20. I don't wanna die until seeing that!
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