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Melodifestivalen 2020.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, May 19, 2019.

  1. This bops though

    As does this
  2. Every year when the anticipation starts I feel so disappointed that most Schlager divas have huge parts of their catalogues unavailable on streaming platforms... Shirley Clamp, Nanne, Linda Bengtzing, Sonja Aldén, Sanna... they all have huge hits and important albums missing for me. I think it's probably a case of them being available in Sweden only and not worldwide, but them or the record company sure could fix it.
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  3. Schlager music has been experiencing a slow but sure death over the years...and we love to see it!

  4. @SVT you need to calm down with the “No one can reveal they are in Melodifestivalen until the announcement!!!” hysterics when “somehow” the papers always seem to get a hold of the most obscure details (e.g. “duet between Ellen Benediktson and Simon Peyron,” “Lina Hedlund with a song by Dotter,” “supergroup of Pernilla Wahlgren, Hanna Hedlund, Jenny Silver”). We know you’re not sitting around and picking names from a hat. Is there really any difference in the amount of “influence” on proceedings between Aftonbladet saying “Ellen Benediktson and Simon Peyron are doing a duet according to well-informed sources” and SVT saying it is happening?
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  5. They're all on spotty flies here, so it's record label bollocks.
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  6. Not a song called Move and Moves in the same heat!
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  7. Linda B's song translates as 'All My Sorrows' - here's hoping for a Steps style Melancholy Banger!
  8. This year Malou was Junior Eurovision content at best. Hope she can find better material.
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  9. She should of saved Left & Right for the competition.
  10. I bought the tickets.
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  11. XTRA group chat this morning: OMG FIFI SMÖRGÅSBORD, HER 2006 ENTRY IS A SCHLAGER CLASSIC!!1 QUEEN!!!!!!!!

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  12. Linda Bengtzing back is the only thing that could make me love MF again. And for once we don't have to wait until semi 4 to hear her masterpiece!
    Adding Nanne too is just spoiling me.
  13. Somebody @ me when we have Junior Eurovision next year.
  14. This line up is quite stacked huh? Will be all the more disappointing when Sweden fucks up week after week.
  15. Stacked with what? Disappointment?
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  16. I have five telephones now so this isn't on me.
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  17. It's Mariettes time. I speak it into existence.
  18. Just bothered to sit down and watch the press conference (who says Friday nights as a Euro fan aren't exciting!). I have some musings...

    - Hanna Ferm is one of the only people who actually dressed for this knowing it was press conference (I'm looking at you Mary Lou, Robin and Dotter - I mean choices)
    - How GOOD does Ellen Benediktson look as a blonde? She's positively radiant
    - Nice to see Linda B back with luscious locks but still different to her other MF appearance, we love a versatile hair queen
    - I'm getting serious 'Osby Tennessee' vibes from Nanne I'm starting to worry...
    - LOL at Nanne entering the same semi final as a competitor and a songwriter - stack that deck hunny
    - What happend to the 4th Mama? (is this a Destiny's Child situation?)
    - Urgh why must there always be a Swedish 'Man-Band' every year now
    - Lina feels like to me she's going to be the best host of the three - I'm looking forward to her (she also knew how to dress for a press conference)

    Anyone know when we get the descriptions of the songs through?
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  19. Nothing controversial!

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  20. I'd prefer Linnea as a participant, not a host but ok
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