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Melodifestivalen 2021.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. What a disaster for us, Melodilovers. What on earth is going to happen to next year's contest? I do believe The Mamas have the right to finally (and thoroughly deserve) to step on an Eurovision stage.
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  2. They have been on the Eurovision stage already ddd.

    Maybe Dotterdam will happen after all?
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  3. Ya’ll know it’s just gonna end up being a beige, slick white man with a nasal vocal and a basic bop again.
  4. What they should do is go through the usual rigmarole and then add The Mamas as an automatic finalist, making it a final of thirteen songs.

    But they probably won't.
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  5. My unrealistic wishlist:
    • Eric Saade
    • Carola
    • Darin
    • Andreas Wijk
    • The Mamas
    • Charlotte Perrelli
    • Agnes
    • Jessica Andersson
    • Alcazar
    • Loreen
    • Lina Hedlund
    • Sarah Dawn Finer
    • Magnus Carlsson
    • Malena Ernman
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  6. I feel like any country that includes last years representative as an automatic finalist, they will rightly or wrongly win because of public sympathy. I think it's great certain countries will let the selected artist compete next year with a new song, but with something as huge as Melo I guess that isn't an option. I don't think I'd want to compete in a competition with last years winner if I was a well known artist.

    BUT I would definitely be here for an Agnes redemption. The way her music has absolutely transcended this year, phew imagine.
  7. I also think Bishara will be back.
  8. We can hope not
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  9. Agnes is too good for Mello now
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  10. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    If The Mamas are competing again, maybe it'll convince artists who have been reluctant about the actual "going to Eurovision"-part to compete since it could be assumed that The Mamas would win anyway.
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  11. look who is back, the eliminator of shadowshow girl isa:

    she went from basic african bops to oh land from 2013
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  12. If The Mamas come back next year, they need to turn up with something a la this:

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  13. I need Danny and Ace to team up for that 2nd place in the finale bop.
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  14. Apparently, the eight finalists of P4 Nästa 2020 have been announced.

    01 Alicja Jern - Friendzone
    02 Sanna feat. Reb:bond - Aldrig det
    03 Amskøld - Standby
    04 Nina Bring - Nära
    05 Northlight - Equally Different
    06 Hilde & Erik - Som det är
    07 Julia Alfrida - Dark Doom
    08 Agnes Rehn - Goodbye

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  15. omg i can't wait to find out who our first non-qualifier of Melfest 2021 is!
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  16. Julia Alfrida will be finishing last in her Deltävling.

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  17. Makes me sad when the act that wins P4 Nästa gets overlooked for somebody else. Not interested in the “but it’s about songs versus artists!” nonsense. Considering the previous 9 didn’t even make it to Andra Chansen (either winners or SVT’s choice)...
  18. The P4 Nästa Melfest entry seems like a weird tradition given how unpopular it is. You would think they would phase it out as it doesn't really serve any other purpose other than SVT saying they gave some unknown a chance. But I guess that purpose is good enough.
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  19. Honestly I don't mind if they bring Polish Margaret again so she can deliver a bop and finish 7th place or something.
  20. I believe Polish Margaret is now being managed by her boyfriend and is busy being #indie
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