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Melodifestivalen 2021.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. 2021 seems like an extension of 2020. I get why that is for ESC, but for MF? They actually crowned a winner. They could've mixed it up a little more.
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  3. MB


    When do the acts usually get announced? Early December. Honestly can't wait for it all to begin - it signals the start of Eurovision to me and with or without an audience in the shows I'm perched as always.
  4. The official press conference was held 26 November last year. But I think it's more a case of SVT announcing them once the lineup is actually set.

    Aftonbladet pretty much has a hotline into SVT, so they reveal the lineup through "exclusive sources" as it's being worked out:
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  5. Lets goooooooooo
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  6. That's far too many men, considering we'll have no Krista Siegfrids to balance it out.
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  7. Of course Eurovision got canceled after women won Mel after 84years.gif and now we are getting already too many guys.
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  8. Anton Ewald? Please no.
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  9. The second half in that list seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel just a bit too much, and I honestly think artists are leaked to Aftonbladet as they get booked. I don't think all the artists are actually set yet.

    With the current state of the business, I'd imagine there actually being more high-profile names interested just for the sake of an income.

    Edit: considering these latest leaks, it's definitely fake.
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  10. If Melodifestivalen was so hard up for performers that they had to bring these ... “artists” ... back:

    ...then it might be time for me to hang up my feather boa.
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  11. Danny singing in Swedish on that fake one. I'm not convinced he'd even get to AC doing that.
  12. Not too farfetched. He's been singing in Swedish for the last five years of his career.

    LaGaylia singing in Swedish though... that's a reach.
  13. Yeah I know he has. But I'm still not sure he would get in the top four in what will no doubt be a competitive year.
  14. Anton, Danny and Eric in the same year is a tad much. They’d all go DTF obvi, but wouldn’t they cancel each other votes in the finals? Assuming Dotter and The Mamas also come back with “competitive” entries, that is.
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  15. Danny and Eric managed to be Top 2 the year they were both in it.

    And Anton is never much of a finale vote getter. I think he has come bottom of the public vote or near there the previous times he's competed.
  16. I'd like to see it.
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