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Melodifestivalen 2021.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. I'm on team anyone but Tusse (I'm disappointed as his previous singles were so much stronger than this Russia-ballad), which with my track rating means he may win.
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  2. @Charley run the PJ points contest please x
  3. I just interview Charlotte! She was an absolute queen and has made me fall in love with Still Young even more.

    Edit: Added it in here if anyone fancies a look (excuse my general awkwardness)
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  4. Did a Melodifestivalen episode of my podcast if anyone's interested!

    And just so I'm not completely spamming the forum, let me add that I'm still devastated that 90-talet and Horizon didn't make AC at least, and while The Mamas have my heart, Little Tot is my pick to win. Eric did nothing for me at first but it's growing... and I love Dandi dansa too. Any of those would be good choices (just not Voices please)

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  5. MB


    I say this as a stan. This is a terrible video. If he wins Melo I hope they don't expect this to be a good video to promote the song.
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  6. I am shocked at how bad it is. It’s like those Japanese karaoke videos that Jenna Maroney was in.
    Although let me be fair, I think they have a good idea behind it. It’s just executed terribly. The visuals are not in rhythm and the effects are pretentious.
  7. Jesus wept, that's the definition of minimum effort. That really is bad.
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  8. A podcast that mentions Pay TV and ”On Top Of The World” is my kind of podcast.
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  9. Ha! While I can't take the credit for those mentions myself, glad you enjoyed. Thanks for listening!
  10. Tusse has basically overtaken Eric on everything. Radio, streaming, etc. He's won. Its pretty much called at this point.
  11. Hm, there is still time.
  12. The international jury will call this, and I think they're going to lean towards Eric.
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  13. It’s really hard to analyse with the current voting system. Last year the kids gave their 12 to “Brave”, the young adults went for “Move”, my age group for “Bulletproof” and the older age groups+televotes for “Kingdom Come”. And the jury votes were all over the place with “Boys With Emotions” as their third favourite.

    I think the race is still open and it’s going to be an exciting final. The only thing I feel certain about at this point is that we won’t find a “You”, “Min kärlek” or “Snälla snälla” in AC this year so tonight’s show feels a bit pointless.
  14. Yeah I am not sure if I will watch tonight.
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  15. I will tune into Denmark, yea
  16. My people
  17. With already so many female bops and even some with electronic beats I fear Dotter should not win. Eric would stand out more to be honest.
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  18. I can't decide whether to vote for Eva & Ewa or Clara tonight. They're genuinely both my favorite performances this year.

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  19. Yearly complaint about having FOUR second changers going to the final. Do we really need to see Paul, Efraim AND Alvaro again next week? SVT, sis, do something.
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  20. DAS


    I tend to agree in particularly in the past 2/3 years the 4 AC qualifiers have felt a bit much, particularly when they had no chance of winning. I do think there are some semis (a bit like last week) where there's such a clear top 2 that no one else really has a chance, so it's nice that Clara and Efraim have another shot to get through the final. I'm just hoping that Klara Hammarström manages to make it to the final as I love her. I wouldn't be mad if SVT goes back to 2 AC qualifiers and has a "two duels" format for 2022
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