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Melodifestivalen 2021.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. OK Christer said no chance of Mello again.

    Said he'd go and work on the UK competition if the BBC asked. Said it's the "ultimate challenge" to bring it back. Guess he heard James Newman's entry ddd.

    Said there were regrets that they translated Lena's "Det gör ont" in 2004 and if Clara were to win she'd be encouraged to keep it in Swedish.

    Quite interesting overall.
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  2. Tusse’s odds are almost as narrow as Måns’s from 2015. Baffling since I think he would be Sweden’s worst result since Robin in 2013, if not worse.
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  3. I don't get the hype and why the odds are so high for Tusse either, it's a good entry but I really can't see anything super special in it
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  4. I think it’s so, so bland. Not that we expect lyrical masterpieces but in the chorus, he rhymes “voices” with “choices” and “rain” with... “rain”.
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  5. I think Tusse is the most “natural” progression from what Sweden has been choosing these past two years. Just like Too Late For Love and Move, it’s a well sung, uplifting mid tempo track, performed in a traditional manner and with strong backing vocals to create this sort of anthemic feeling.
  6. it’s a nice enough song , but Loreen it ain’t... come to think of it nothing is
  7. DAS


    Tusse is actually by far my least favourite entry - and I can’t even remember how Paul rey’s song goes ...
    My top 4 are Dotter, Eric, Charlotte & The Mamas, so one of those winning would be the dream, but honestly the only one I wouldn’t support at Eurovision is Tusse’s song tbh
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  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    "And you chose..... this man here" dddd. Christer's skin has gotten progressively clearer every week. King.

    Y'all do too much on Tusse's song. It's a good song and I'd be satisfied if it wins.
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  9. Voices does feel a bit like an X Factor winners song from back in the day. Its as safe as can be. Not a horrible song but nothing that will truly stand out in May. This will just add more fuel to the stereotype that juries like Sweden more than televoters do when nobody phones in for this.
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  10. Going into the final I'm firmly a lil Klingon but Kadiatou's One Touch has become THEE Mello bop of the year for me.





    Yes god!
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  11. I was soooo ready to give Kadiatou, Tess and Clara my 12, 10 and 8 points in the Mello rate.
  12. 20 years ago he was the right person to turn Melodifestivalen into what it became, but I wouldn’t hire him to better the Eurovision results for the UK in the 2020s. I’ve thought about making a post about Christer and Melfest after the discussion about how the UK should try something similar a few pages back so I might as well do it now.

    What Christer doesn’t mention in that interview, and what I think is his biggest accomplishment, is that he created a complex ecosystem that not even Norway managed to recreate despite trying for years. He turned it into a successful arena tour, somehow securing money from local politicians in several towns and cities, and made it feel like a real event for the locals. I still remember how my whole hometown was transformed when we got our first semi-final in 2005. Every hair dresser wore a boa, every store played old entries, the clubs had schlager nights, there were ice sculptures on out town square of the participants. It was Melfest Christmas, and my local politicians have spent millions every time the show has returned to town since.

    It was a gradual process. First he made Melodifestivalen the #1 thing talked about in the press, then he got the radio stations on board and the entries would go on to become a few of the biggest hits of the year, year after year. After a few years he got bigger artists on board – not just the schlager stars and whoever was in the big musicals in Stockholm at the time – and the labels started to see the potential so eventually they started taking meetings with SVT too. Now all of the things I’ve mentioned are part of the yearly process of Melfest.

    Last but not least he managed to change the perception of Melodifestivalen and what makes a good entry in the eyes of the Swedes, and turn that into a good result at Eurovision. With a little help from introducing the international juries. Because for the first ten years of the modern Melfest, Sweden got very mixed results at Eurovision. In fact, Sweden flopped more often than not between 2002 and 2010. And what do I mean by perception? Well, how to get the public not to vote for crap like Östen med resten. Let’s take Norway as an example again. They had quite a good final but who did they vote into the super final? Three joke acts and KEiiNO. I think the fact that it wouldn’t happen in Sweden says it all.

    That was a really long way of saying that Christer wouldn’t be able to pull off something similar in the UK, especially nowadays. I’d also like to point out that he’s not a god and there are more factors involved than him. Melfest was already a strong brand before 2002 with loads of fans and nerds, a lot of Swedes love pop music and sort of self-identifies with that which of course helps, and Melfest grew at a time period where every small town wanted their local team to do well in the Swedish Hockey League so they built arenas in order to meet the high demands from the league. I could also address the hundreds of mistakes Christer & co have done through the years. At the same time there are other achievements I haven’t even touched on – like how Melfest has become the #1 project to work on if you want to make a career in television in Stockholm or how SVT actively have tried to make Melfest an integrated part of Swedish culture by turning it into a national holiday – but I’ll just stop now.

    Looking forward to the discussions about Karin Gunnarsson and the future of Melfest in the 2022 thread!
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  13. OK but this was super interesting so if you get bored and want to expand any further sometime please do lmao.
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  14. Sweden’s true missing piece (pun NOT intended) for the last few years has been a song with heart to it. Their other entries since Måns have been very slick but obviously not huge hits with the televoters (hi Benyameen!)

    The two artists I can see who give that heart are The Mamas and Clara, and Tusse isn’t far off but the whole package might be a little too polished to challenge for Eurovision gold. That said these musings are all in relation to Eurovision, fuck if I know who’ll really win.

    Lets face it though Klara H is the true winner.
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Clara nabbing a Top 5 hit in Sweden is the true win of the contest anyways.

    Also, attending a Melfest final or at least being in Sweden during in Melfest is on my bucket list.
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  16. Straight men wearing pink boas to make their kids happy is always kinda cute. British men are not that enlightened yet ddd. If I’d known COVID was going to be like this I’d have splashed on merch last year.
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  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Christer threatening to run America's Song Contest though...

    I'm here for it.
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  18. I get why Tusse is favourite - if it wasn't for Eric I'd be backing him too.

    But I don't get why his odds are so short. Especially as it's quite probable that there won't be much difference in the televoting points Tusse, Eric and Dotter will get. It may well come down to the juries who can be unpredictable. I don't see why it's so sure they'd go for Tusse too.

    I'll be fine with any of those three winning but I think Eric is the one if they want to go for gold.
  19. Sad that this is the last national final already.
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  20. Looking forward to tonight, The Mamas song has really grown on me, cliched lyrics but still so relatable these lockdown days! I hope they do well, and not do a Afro-dite or Fame. However I do think we will see Dotter or Eric take the win!
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