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Melodifestivalen 2021.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Little Tot's songwriter could GET IT
  2. Eris is my favourite tonight but I preferred his semi final performance though
  3. Nah she’s just wondering which ex boyfriend people will be voting for tonight
  4. It's either Clara, Eric or Dotter for me.
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  5. Not really but you were so close!
  6. Little Tot... I am indifferent
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  7. This is why I'm getting C's in SAS.
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  8. I am still hoping little tot can win but I am not expecting it.
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  9. Clara, Dotter, Mamas or Tusse winning and I’m good.
  10. Ok but I do stan Arvingarna...I Do and Säg att du är min are bops. Also my partner is their age so maybe I have a complex ddd.
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  11. Eric, Danny, Anton and these Daddys.

    Christer giving the gay in him everything he wants.
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  12. My mum feels the same about Eric. She apparently just can't watch him.
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  13. I honestly hate this bunch of toolboxes.

  14. Eloise remains fucking brilliant
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  15. One of those dads is really fine
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  16. Wait, imagine being in the eurovision audience and seeing this.
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  17. The one old arvingarna :/
  18. He's hot. According to Wikipedia he used to be in a thrash metal band with melodic influences.

    I just love how the Little Tot lyrics are very divisive, boomers vs millennials or whatever generation little tots are these days.
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  19. Only one?
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