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Melodifestivalen 2021.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. NOT after I devoted an entire reveal of PJ00s earlier today to La Perrelli!!! I hate this jury!!
  2. I wish Mans hadn’t won nn
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  3. Mans singing a ballad? War flashbacks to his Fuego ballad version.
  4. This free promo...just do Cara Mia again Måns thank you
  5. My mum was just like. He gets to sing a lot doesn't he ddd
  6. Or walk with me featuring dotter YAS give ha some promo
  7. They should have just put on Kalle Anka instead.
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  8. Come over love. Sounds sexually aggressive.
  9. This final is all over the place tonally

    we need pernilla wahlgren falling over again
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  10. This is SERVING
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  11. This Move version.

    I am listening.
  12. I didn't think you were one for James Bond songs.
  13. This is awful
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  14. Beat of Broken Hearts beating Danny hdfdsdsdsds
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  15. Not Dotter and The Mamas separated by 1 point again I can't
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  16. Landslide alert
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  17. Little Tot 48 points?
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  18. Well, that was that. See you back next year when we select a winner that sounds like it came from 2014.
  19. Tusse was my winner so I’m FINE with this!
  20. I would've jumped to Eric's arms too
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