Melodifestivalen 2021.

Saade better bring a bop and not a flop.
Honestly they’ve really spoilt us with these acts, let’s hope the songs live upto the names!
Aftonbladet’s twat in a cap has become too good at his job at this point. SVT needs to figure out how to keep people’s mouths shut or at least not make us spend three fucking days getting clickbait notifications about artists we already knew about.

Oh and poor Expressen. Wasn’t their biggest ”exclusive” Charlotte Perrelli and ... Roger Pontare?

I wonder who will get the pimp slot in each heat.

I assume The Mamma's are a lock for closing the last heat. I wonder if they will stick Dotter in the same one too.

I think Charlotte may open heat 1. Based on her last two attempts she is not pimp slotting anymore.