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Melodifestivalen 2021.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. I mean I would avoid Swedish twitter tonight. After they have picked a non white act for the third year in a row. They didn't like it two years in a row last year.
  2. Honestly any year is better than the year Bishara came second
  3. Sadly, I think you are right. Look what happened to Cesar in 2018
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  4. Tusse just said “but I wanna meet Loreeeen, where is sheeee?!” while Måns was standing right next to him. Legend
  5. I'm absolutely fine with Tusse winning but with stan goggles fully on Clara is still my success story to take away from this year's competition.

    A song in Swedish without any of the pre-Mello hype in comparison to the likes of Eric Sadayday and Dotter, no Scammer Jean-Baptiste staging "concept" or any of the other usual elements that tend to do well. Just a brilliant song, sung well and with real heart by an endearing performer. I really hope this is the start of great things for her.

  6. Update - I didn't see his name in the credits, but those are not reliable. They had the theme music as 'The Arrival of Love' for heaven's sake.
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Eric and Tusse should’ve made out.
  8. 2,96 million votes for Tusse. That’s a new record by far right?
  9. Almost

  10. I think I saw af Sillen’s name in there, I’m sure Christer could have tempted him back for his last hurrah.
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  11. I wanted to follow up on this now that the results are complete; how much do you think they lost their “Voices” after screaming out at the 7 points reveal?
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  12. Foiled again
  13. I love that The Mamas obtained a Top 3 position, but the true success story of the night is miss Clara. Top respect for portraying such soul, emotion and power through her song. I admire her for being alone at that stage, with no props, and only her being the whole shebang and selling point of the performance. And in swedish, to boot.

    Klara also got a pretty decent position, which is a major plus, since I feared she would land at 11 or so. What a change of tune after not even being able to move to Andra Chansen last year.
  14. I'm also very happy for Tusse, but they will get fucked by the racist televoting at Eurovision, which will infuriate me to no end. I hope to be proven wrong and see another Swedish victory with 'Voices'.
  15. Lovely plus of the night: the basic male songs (Anton, Paul) got bareback fucked! Mister Alvaro Estrella saved his ass from being dead last, which was my prediction and he also CAN. GET. IT.
  16. I already feel protective of Tusse. Highlight questions in the winning interview (directed to Christer) were “can I bring whoever I want?” (no, you’re going with a delegation), “can I bring my own dancers?” (yes you may) and “do I have to buy the train ticket, or, I mean, the bus ticket?” (you won’t be taking the bus). We’re talking about a teenage kid in high school, Europe better be good!
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  17. PS: Dotter, if you are reading this, unleash your debut album NOW as 'First Dot' including all of your songs from 2014 until now - there you go, a clear, fresh start with a clean slate to write on now.
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  18. Well I was clearly talking rubbish.. the odds were justified.

    And I'm OK with the result. It was my number 2 and whilst it would have been interesting to see how Eric would've done, I guess he would've only done well with younger viewers so not enough to win.

    I was thinking Tusse was a contender but yes... hmm.
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  19. I was drinking in public and vomiting in the street at 19 and Tusse is winning Mello by a LANDSLIDE lmao.
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  20. Reviewing Tusse’s tv history and ... of course.

    Also Tusse’s revenge tonight after not advancing to the finals in Talang but AC darling Frida Green did!
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