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Melodifestivalen 2021.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Ooh, Alexander Bard. I remember a while ago when he was a massive racist but nobody cared.
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  2. I unironically stan how dramatic Bianca Ingrosso is on the new panel of Talang though.
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  3. Told ya
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  4. According to Twitter chatter, Dotter said in the Swedish press this week that this was her last Melfest appearance. I haven't seen the interview, though.
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  5. Give it a few years and I'm sure she will change her mind.

    As I believe Danny said something similar after Amazing didn't qualify.

    But she's tried 3 times now and made 2 finals.

    Honestly though she probably would have had the best shot if she and Mans had entered with Walk With Me.
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  6. Yes she mentioned it several times during a recent press conference.

    In a previous statement you said that you would not compete at Melodifestivalen again. Is this true?

    I feels like I always say that. Right now it feels like this is my third time, and my last time forever. I’m 99.9% sure about it. It feels like Melodifestivalen has given me so much and now it’s time to go further and hopefully fly on my own.
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  7. Looking back Christer should not have put Clara and Ewa & Eva against each other. We could have bumped out Paul Rey instead. I get it's good for the brand to have more serious songs only but I think the light relief would have been great.
  8. Coming from one of the eleven people who voted for Paul Rey: it's not like we needed another male pop song in the final.
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  9. Me spamming the app to vote for La Perrelli paid off ddd.
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  10. according to these messages i gave the right decision not to watching mello this year
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  11. Is there a way to watch the final with subtitles on catch up? The English narrators sounding like they’re on a zoom call from another room is ruining my life.
  12. Ok what does Tusse’s song sound like. I can hear another song but can’t put my thumb on it.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member


    SVT should be messy next year and have Pernilla Wahlgren and Charlotte Perrelli host together.
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  14. DAS


    charlotte and Benjamin seem to get on quite well tbh - is there tension between pernilla and Charlotte ? Or just because they were sister in laws?

    On a similar note , the Schlager divas (Charlotte, Carola , pernilla, Lena ph, Jessica a, Shirley etc) - what is the relationship like between them? The Instagram support is quite obvious that there are “rivalries” and “friendships”
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Carola was stanning Charlotte on her stories yesterday.
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  16. I think the a-list schlager divas all share a mutual respect for each other but I don’t get the sense that they’re that close on a personal level, except Pernilla and Charlotte who are good friends. Lena Ph seems like the odd one out. And everyone probably talks about Carola behind her back (I know I would!) but she’s still the #1 legend and everybody knows it.

    The older generation appear to be much closer in general, and the ”newer” ones (the last ones?) like Shirley, Sanna, Jessica etc seem to get along with each other well. They’re probably good friends too.

    What they all probably share in common is a desire to keep Anna Book at arm’s length at all times.
  17. AHHHHH THANK YOU every time Tusse sings about “The Haters” I ransacked my brain trying to figure out how I knew that passage.
    I donned my schlager detective’s hat a few years ago to retrace the family drama, although I’ve probably missed a few important moments or mistranslated the relevant Expressen articles:
    • It starts with Pernilla marrying Emilio Ingrosso, one of her backing dancers from "Piccadilly Circus," and they will eventually have 3 kids together including Benjamin
    • Around the time that Benjamin is born, Charlotte starts dating Nicola Ingrosso, Emilio's brother
    • Pernilla and Emilio have a bitter divorce
    • Soon thereafter, Charlotte & Nicola decide to get engaged, but his family doesn't support it, and nobody shows up to the wedding (although Pernilla sings at the ceremony)
    • Because the family doesn't approve of their pairing, Charlotte & Nicola decide to take Nicola's mother's maiden name Perrelli
    • Emilio is convicted for sending unlawful threats and abuse to Pernilla
    • Charlotte & Nicola get divorced, and when she takes up with another guy, Nicola says he wants his last name back (which ... isn't his last name)
    • Emilio reconciles with his ex-wife, or at least enough to appear on Pernilla's reality show
    • Emilio and Nicola eventually bury the hatchet and Charlotte's and Nicola's kids finally get to meet their grandparents
    Good thing this all happened when they were Still Young!
  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I need this to be a soap opera... where Pernilla plays that Mello obsessed mom ddd.

    I'm glad the the Ingrosso family relationship went to andra chanssen.

    I'll see myself out.
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  19. I'm kinda living for the fact that Christer Lindarw has made seemingly NO mention of Christer B's self-tribute with multiple After Dark rewrites included. (Or at least not on publicly-available socials.)

    I love Christer-on-Christer hate crimes.
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