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Melodifestivalen 2021.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. This was just confirmed on SVT. Christer Björkman said something along the lines of "I don't think of myself as the host, more like I'm inviting people to a party".

  2. List of co-hosts:

    Lena Philipsson (semi 1)
    Oscar Zia and Anis Don Demina (semi 2)
    Timbuktu (semi 3)
    Per Andersson (semi 4)
    Shirley Clamp (andra chansen)
    Måns Zelmerlöw and Shima Niavarani (finale)

    I love Shima, so I'll give her and Måns the benefit of the doubt. The rest...
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  3. I'm imagining
    "Det är ingen stjärnstudio, Henric! Henric!"

    May @popknark2 have mercy on your soul for this Lena Ph slander.

    Edit: Anis don Dem-fucking-ina again? Burn the whole thing.
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  4. Lena Ph has proven she can work a microphone and deliver a joke. Her legendary hosting in 2006 paved the way for Petra Mede and, unlike her successor, she did it with live vocals. She’s got the recipe and she knows this concept.

    But I’ll forgive @KamikazeHeart since we’re talking about a complex hybrid of comedy and class which must be incomprehensible for somebody from Gothenburg.
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  5. This abuse of power, though......
  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

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  7. MB


    Melo is literally the only thing keeping me going through this new lockdown. That and Benjamin ingrosso’s album coming out next week.
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  8. If you're interested, Loreen should be releasing her new Swedish album in the next couple of months as well!
  9. Been thinking about the former pre-contest “obvious winners” and wondering how many of them actually managed to snatch that trophy...

    2011: this was Eric’s from the get go
    2012: totally Danny’s to win until Loreen’s legendary performance in the first semi won her Mello and Eurovision right then and there.
    2013: I honestly don’t remember if there was a clear cut favorite this year? I think Yohio had a lot of hype, as did Ulrik and... Dovid Shitgren for some reason. Anyways, Robin was deffo not one of them, specially competing in the same year as Amanda Fondell (poor ha), who won Swedish Idol over him.
    2014: again, I don’t remember if there was an obvious favorite? Maybe YOHIO? I think Sanna was always among the favorites, but YOHIO, Paparizou, Alcazar and Anton were up there in the odds as well.
    2015: this one was always between Måns and Eric. I don’t remember what the odds were before semi1 (when Eric performed and everyone discovered Sting was SHIT), but Måns was #1 for pretty much the entire time after that.
    2016: poor Molly...
    2017: I think it’s fair to say Robin was not a runaway favorite here. Loreen, Mariette, Ace, FO&O and Wiktoria had a lot of hype.
    2018: I think this one was always Benji’s??? King
    2019: acts like Jon Henrik and LIAMOO/Hanna Ferm had some hype, but I remember John’s boring ass was a favorite from the very beginning.
    2020: well....... this one was expected to go to Hanna or FELIX SANDMAN, wasn’t it?

    Ok so there we have it. Only about 4 of the “obvious winners” from the past 10 years have actually won the whole thing. I was expecting more than that, to be honest.
  10. Frans winning in 2016 is still so strange to me.

    I swear even on the Thursday before his heat he was predicted to come last in the heat. Then suddenly it was DTF and winning.
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  11. Since Charlotte's victory in 2008 I feel like the pre-contest favourite has always been whoever's given the closing slot in the final deltävling - in most cases the buzz evaporating after the song inevitably fails to meet expectations. Ulrik Munther, Anton Ewald and Molly Sandén being some of the casualties of the hype train in recent years.
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  12. MB


    Obviously saving 3 big guns till week 4 - Eric / Mamas / Tess.
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  13. I'll be honest I half expected The Mamas to get the Pimp Slot, but 4th in the last semi is still a great position for them. Part of me really hopes they can do the double and finally get their chance to go Eurovision as the main stars that they are.
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  14. I feel like they put them at 4 cause of their title dddd.
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  15. another unnecessary info: winning songs were in these semis;

    2010: 4
    2011: 3
    2012: 1
    2013: 4
    2014: 2
    2015: 4
    2016: 4
    2017: 3
    2018: 1
    2019: 4
    2020: 1
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  16. Only once from semi2? Poor Dotter.
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  17. That's why I went blue when I saw Dotter in 2nd semi. :/
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  18. Well rules are there to be broken.
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  19. Before Loreen no one had ever won from Semi 1, and now we've had 3 - so don't count Dotter out just yet (on the basis of her Semi Allocation at least)
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  20. Okay but-

    2002: 2
    2003: 2
    2004: 4
    2005: 3
    2006: 4
    2007: 2
    2008: 4
    2009: 4

    A more successful decade for the andra deltävling
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