Melodifestivalen 2023 + Golden years remembrance ::

I have been a bit worried about the staging and complying with rules... I'm not quite sure if they will allow her to have such a permanent fixture in the staging. They would literally have to design the rig around it, seemingly in the same way Melfest has done
Yeah I am worried about the staging but surely SVT has thought about that already and come up with a solution, should she win.

The broadcasters have to enter the songs officially like two days after Melfest final but also the staging concept.
In the worst case scenario, SVT can record live on tape with that staging and then if now allowed to do it during Eurovision, just pretend that you're sick and done, the nice staging presented to the ESC audience
After a few years where Mello has left me rather cold, I've been forced by my boyfriend to watch it again. The last three weeks have been so dull, not a single song that I've wanted to listen to outside the competition (where is the 2004-2014 quality???).

BUT, Loreen has made me so excited for tonight. She's such a great artist!


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It's here