Melodifestivalen 2023 + Golden years remembrance ::

Statements was a good song and I think it would have done good at Eurovision but the performance was never winning Melfest.

I'm interested to see what style of performance she does for Tattoo.
Statements staging was a massive letdown and confused the audience. The single-shot camerawork didn't do it any favors and the imagery was too abstract for the home viewer to understand. As long as she has staging this year that the audience and identify with she can do much better.
If you’re like me and like to spend the first three months of the year in a total Mello haze, you’ll be happy to know that Mix Megapol has a web channel that plays songs from Melodifestivalen around the clock. Listen here!
...clearly we were reading wildly different accounts from listeners.
I just tried to redownload the Melodifestivalen app and I don’t have a Swedish phone number so it won’t let me use it. I know I can’t vote but it had the trading cards and other info. Pathetic!