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Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Apr 16, 2022.

  1. I had no idea tickets for the final sold so fast - I woke up an hour late and half the seats looked gone.
  2. They usually don't. Are you going for the expensive ones on the floor or the cheap seats up in the gods?
  3. Expensive on the floor. I’m bringing my Mom and didn’t want to cheap out.
  4. I'm in the £70 seats so look forward to seeing all the contestants as little blobs in the distance.
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  5. Panetoz more like Panetozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz amirite
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  7. Island

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    Give me strength.
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  9. Island

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  10. I see Sweden badly wants to send a man again after getting a female performer after 84 years.
  11. As long as there’s no Robin Binsson
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  12. Oh my Gooood

  13. Holy SHIT

    This is taking some time to settle in my brain. I wonder who's asking her to enter? Is it actually a poor year and Melfest/SVT was begging her to join? I don't think it would be the producers/writers asking her to enter...
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  14. I'm conflicted because Loreen, despite her aversion to releasing anything except photoshoots lately, will always be one of my faves but after how the Mello voters treated her and Statements, they don't deserve her teebs. And with a Bridge Troll, Bostrom and Yimmy Yoker-penned song in 2023? Well...

  15. Loreen could do well again if she gives the Swedish audience something really palatable. Statements was not a Melfest song. It was dark and edgy and alienated the very conservative voting Swedish family audience that watches the show. If she gives them a bit of frothy schlager they will eat it up and send her directly to the final as they have with many artists in the past few years like Lina Hedlund, Jessican Andersson, and Charlotte Perelli. The song just has to be very commercial and safe. A crowd pleaser.
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  16. I just want a Loreen album

    it’s been 84 years
  17. I don't want a frothy schlager from Loreen
  18. I remember a preview for Statement saying: Can it win Eurovision? Yes. Can it win Melfest? Most probably not.

    How true.

    Maybe we can get something in between this time.
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  19. Loreen would put her own spin on a frothy schlager song. Euphoria is just a standard europop song without her. Her unique vocal delivery and stage presence made it a winning song. In anyone else's hands, it would have been just another run-of-the-mill dance-pop song about love. Give her something the audience can sing along to and she could be quite a contender again.
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