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Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Apr 16, 2022.

  1. It kinda is just a standard europop song with her
  2. I mean Hardrock Hallelujah is also pretty much just a rockified schlager too.
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  3. And how many years ago did that win the contest?
  4. I'm ready for a good pop bop from Loreen, Neon Lights was very close

    I really hope she gets a proper roll out as well with a decent music video that doesn't involve fields or cars
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  5. Honestly I'd rather her murder a pigeon on stage and come dead last in her heat with something risky than her send something basic, by the looks of line-up we'll be getting plenty of that anyway.

    She has nothing to prove whatsoever.
  6. Normally I would agree however, I'm desperate for an album and I don't think we're getting one without at least 1 successful single.

    At this point, I want a generic but good pop song with a Loreen twist that has some nice success in Sweden
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  7. Let me ironically stan on that one
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  8. With this lineup... maybe Loreen really is in with the chance of winning again oh wow
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  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Fff you kinda have to stan Laurell Barker competing this time around. Go get it gal!
  10. I don’t have to do jack shit!!
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  11. Welcome back to the contest, Tone Sekelius!

    Also hello to whoever “Kiana Blanckert” and “Rejhan Bellani” are since they’re apparently joining too.
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  12. So excited!! I just know that if Loreen is doing it she'll be announced on the 30th and I won't be able to relax all day on the 29th.
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  13. This is underwhelming for me, apart from Loreen.

    Could they not find a big Ethno Banger for Ms Paparizou to sing?

    No Schlager anthem for Magnus Carlson?

    Bring back Christer Bjorkman, all is forgiven!
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  14. DAS


    I don't really know how to feel about the line up rumours so far - would love to see Molly Hammar return after the incredible success she's having of late due to her appearance on Så mycket bättre, but it might be too soon and she may wish to capitalise this success in other ways.

    Whilst Wiktoria and Loreen are two names I'm excited about as I have really enjoyed their music and previous melfest entries, and have missed them in recent years' lineups, none of the newer names are instilling much confident of a great melfest year (yet!!)

    Fingers crossed for a few curveballs and surprises come announcement day(s) - I know by March I will be loving all/most of the entries as I usually do.
  15. Apparently they are changing ANDRA CHANSEN yet again - the 8 songs will all be performed and voting will commence, then they will freeze and announce the songs currently in the top 4, then you get even more votes for the final count. This way you will know the songs that had to fight for their places in the final, or something.
  16. So it'll be all 8 songs together? No groupings or pairings?
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  17. Stupid.

    I guess they‘ll announce which songs are Top4 but not in what order. So you might think: Oh that song is save now, let me vote for another one I like. You risk loosing a song that way.
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  18. I like the idea of the top 4 going direct instead of duels or buckets, but showing the results halfway through voting feels a bit pointless. They did that on the American Song Contest and it didn't really add anything to the voting process.
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