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Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Apr 16, 2022.

  1. Very happy that Tone is back! The song title seems a bit weird to me... it doesn't really make much sense but then again we had "Little Tot" which was a banger
  2. Oh I know, I was responding the reports :')
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  3. After “undo my sad” and “B A N A S bananas!” I’ll take anything
  4. I'm pretty pleased with the lineup so far. Lots of stuff I'm looking forward to (or at least interested in giving a chance to).
  6. I hope Jon Henrik goes full Roger Pontare and brings the dancers, drummers and an over the top Northern Sweden estetic. To a disco beat.

    I quite enjoy his latest jojk. It’s very ’90s, has a talky bit and the cover reminds me of David Lindgren and Robin Bengtsson in a green room.

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  7. When I said I was hoping to see Pure Shores compete at Mello some day...
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  8. Shocker but Loreen is confirmed.
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  9. Loreen getting anounced still feels surreal. Welcome home mama.
    ...aaaaand another year without Bishara, that's good!

  10. According to the Melfest line-up there are approximately five songwriters in the entirety of Sweden

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  11. And they have to rope them into participation now too.
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  12. Do they get paid by SVT to take part? How does it even work?! It must be a big commitment, especially if you do make it to Eurovision.
  13. Island

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    They said in a podcast that they’re more interested in writing/producing entries and low key laughed at the idea of them competing as an act.
  14. Island

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    Not Laurell Barker’s songwriting team being called Non-Generic.
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  15. By the way, I would like to preemptively respond to the … what do Laurell Barker stans call themselves? Tasteless err… Barker’s Beauties, who undoubtedly will label me a hater and accuse me of being jealous. To them I say, how very dare you. Jealous? Of someone from North America who became a celebrated figure within the Eurovision community, then fell in love and got to move to Sweden, and now has the chance to compete in Melodifestivalen?? Couldn’t be me!!!
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  16. (3).gif
    Mello season is here again. I have really liked Wiktorias entries, so hope the song is good this year. Also I know most of you don't like Paul Rey, but I'm excited about that too.
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  17. Any Jenna Maroney fan would appreciate this.
  18. I’ve spent so much time fuming over Yanny Barker that I haven’t even started to feel Wiktimized by the return of the other one!!
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  19. Loreen has by far the most "likes" on the Melfest Instagram page with all the artist announcements... now the Swedish general public just need to get behind her and it be a good song
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