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Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Apr 16, 2022.

  1. Loreen has by far the most "likes" on the Melfest Instagram page with all the artist announcements... now the Swedish general public just need to get behind her and it be a good song
  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    And Loreen worked with 3 of them. Iconic.
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  3. Sweden will pay Loreen dust again I fear
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  4. So I know submitting a composition is pretty low-stakes and songwriters probably have a ton of demos lying around. But I think it’s worth pointing out that Melodifestivalen once had two songs from RedOne at the same times as “On The Floor” and “Starships” were in the hit parade, and later they had a song co-written by the guy who produced the best-selling studio album by a female artist in the history of recorded music in the USA… and now this year around half of the chosen songs were by some configuration of someone with the surname Deb or the first name Jimmy.
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  5. When the Debs took over MF it was the end of that short era of Melodifestivalen being event TV with crazy high quality songs.
    I'm amazed at those people who still bother with it to be honest.
  6. So are we betting on Mariette and/or Wiktoria losing their 100% DTF record?

    I can see Mariette being a non qualifier and Wiktoria going to AC.

    Are they doing what they did last year and putting the top of the vote through straight away? Or whatever that format was.
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  7. Island

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    I wanna see there girls rolling around on the floor again when they make it to the final/next round again.
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  8. I will always love Melfest, even if it is shit <3
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  9. Island

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    Nanne released an English version of Carpool Karaoke. I’m scared to listen.
  10. Jesus.
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  11. Loreen very last performance, they want her to win so bad. I bet she's MAD.
  12. Theoz closing a semi means his song must be huge.
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  13. Or they want the young people to watch til the end. Marcus and Martinus are also closing their semi.
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  14. DAS


    Loredana announced on social media that both songs will be released on the 13th a few days ago. I’m assuming that will be the case, but haven’t seen any other confirmation
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  15. All studio versions are released officially after the fouth semi correct?
  16. Yes except for those that don‘t qualify from their semi. Then it‘s out then.
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  17. I thought so, I couldn’t remember if we had to wait for Second Chance to be over. Praying Loreen finally gets another song on the Swedish chart. It’s been too long.
  18. We had to, then, they changed the rule 2016 or 2017 i guess.
  19. You mean just like 2017 nn?! Hehe
  20. I try to forget 2017 to be honest.
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