Melodifestivalen 2024

I haven't been this pissed off since Molly Hammar got screwed over by SVT in 2015 when they said "btw we have an app with loads of free votes now but you can only vote during the performance", swiftly followed by her performance so nobody even got the chance to download it.

Fröken Snusk should sue.

Gunilla probably will.

I actually like all the songs in the final.

It’s annoying that Apple Music seems to be slower at adding some songs to streaming.
What a bummer for Froken Snusk. Even though she probably had little chances to win this year's contest and go to Malmo, she really deserved to go to the final.

Let's pray for a Jacqline win. (or a Maria Sur but I very much doubt it...)
Well, if you thought the results last night were a scandal, it is nothing compared to what hundreds of children were confronted with earlier in the day!

There was a family festival in Karlstad‘s Stora Torget prior to the nighttime show with various activities, music, and performances for the kiddies. At one point, they were supposed to play the song “Raggen går” by Elov & Beny, which competed last year in Melodifestivalen:

but apparently someone didn‘t remember their Mello history and instead chose to play “Raggen går och kuken står” by Rövballebandet:

which apparently includes a lyric that translates into English as something like ”a cock in every fucking hole.”

Look how scarred for life these youths are!

SVT and Eurovision team - stop preselecting the placings for the songs on the show challenge. This should be down to luck and, if say, Marcus & Martinus perform at 2, it'd make the competition more even.

I'm tired of this dialogue of 'making the show better' just to shift the non-favourites of the year to trashcan placings.