Melodifestivalen 2024

Can anyone else find Annika Wickihalder and Smash Into Pieces songs on Apple Music? They’re the only ones missing or am I being stupid?
This is the strongest MelFest final I've seen sice I started watching 10/11 years ago.
I'm rooting for Maria Sur, Jacqline or M&M.
Also so glad the 2 went through from the second chancers over the 2 faves which IMO were novelty crap.
Well somebody wasn’t happy in the SVT comments section (per Aftonbladet):

Ni fucking suger på att göra startfält och ni fucking suger på att hitta 30 bra låtar. Och allt ni gör suger ni på. Dessa röstningsmoment ska ge spänning men det är så uppenbart varje gång att den som får första tolvan inte går till final, ni har också över flera tusen sökningar och dessa låtar är det bästa ni hittar. Skäms
I feel like M&M will do a "with 21 points... Sweden" in the televise in May (maybe more than that since I think it's a weaker Eurovision year than 2018 was?). It's technically strong and eye-catching but definitely the most hollow and soulless option.
It's crazy that an NQ (Froken Snusk) is out-streaming the Melfest winner. She is at number 2 on Spotify and M&M are at number 3. The system is... a bit flawed I'd say.