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Melodifestivalen Bigger in 2007

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NorthUK, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. SVT are making changes for the Melodifestival in 2007.

    Now 6 weeks long:

    Week 1- 4: There now will be 4 rounds of 8 acts like normal

    Week 5: Will be the "Andra chansen" (instead of showing on the sunday) - This will be a live show with live acts, not just videos like the last few years.

    Week 6:   Grand Final

    Coming from 6 different swedish towns/cities.
    Final most likely in Stockholm, but maybe Goteborg.

  2. from:

    not sure what to think of the new system, lets see how it works. There always will be MF injustice, like Kalla Nätter & Jag tar det jag vill ha this year

    More important who will join this year :D

    Sanna Nielsen (2001,2003,2005 ... 2007?)
    Shirley Clamp after a year without it
    BWO (2005,2006 ... 2007?)

    And if Nanne Grönvall is recovered from her breastcancer and she joins, she would win the whole thing without any competition

    I just hope for Charlotte Nilsson-Perrelli
  3. I would say Etymon and This Women should have done much better as well. I quite liked Mi Amore too. I really liked each song that finished 5th in the heats (Kalla Natter, Etymon, This Woman and Jag tar det jag vill ha)

    I can see BWO missing it in 2007, as well as Linda B.
  4. I'm hoping and praying for Nanne to be recovered and to enter next year. She was totally robbed in 2005 and deserves to make it all the way there. Public support will be huge for her after her illness.
  5. I've finally just bought MF 06 DVD and CDs - on special at! Now waiting for them to arrive!
  6. The DVD is rather good. It made me realise how much i like Mi Amore (Velvet) and the Gunter and the Sunshine Girls song. The crowd seemed to be quite into 'Like Fire Tonight' (happy smiley)

    I hope Nanne returns as well. Eurovision needs her strutting around in amazingly high heels!
  7. I worry that Nanne would win it out of sympathy/ loyalty rather than based on the quality of the song like Mr Carola did this year. It won't help anyone.

    But really, the second chance thing is surely better. It won't make that much of a difference to the whole thing, it'll just draw it out a bit more.
  8. Places & Dates for 2007

    Lucky towns are:

    Örnsköldsvik, (it's near Umeå, before you ask)

    Places & Dates for 2007

    Show 1: Sat 3 feb 2007 i Kinnarps arena, Jönköping
    Show 2: Sat 10 feb 2007 i Scandinavium, Göteborg
    Show 3: Sat 17 feb 2007 i Swebank arena, Örnsköldsvik
    Show 4: Sat 24 Feb 2007 i Läkerol arena, Gävle
    Last Chance: Sat 3 march 2007 i Rosvalla Eventcenter, Nyköping
    Final: Sat 10 march 2007 i Globen, Stockholm
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