Melodifestivalen: The Golden Years (2011-2014) Rate: #73 and #72 today

Which is the best MF year?

  • 2011

    Votes: 5 26.3%
  • 2012

    Votes: 7 36.8%
  • 2013

    Votes: 4 21.1%
  • 2014

    Votes: 3 15.8%

  • Total voters
No, I think it's just too literal, or unclear, for me without which ones or which not, of .2, .25, .5, .75 etc. I think that's what happened. I think that's the kind of clarification of which numbers to use, I'm used to.
OK, based on how others have scored until now, let's say you can use any score to two decimal places. So 9.1 is good, 9.5 is good, 9.75 is good etc. You can even give a song 9.99 if you so desire.

We are
OK, based on how others have scored until now, let's say you can use any score to two decimal places. So 9.1 is good, 9.5 is good, 9.75 is good etc. You can even give a song 9.99 if you so desire.

We are

Oh ho ho ho, no no no. I'll keep to .75 tonight. I know that I usually use 9.1 for PJSC, but I got a headache over this rate tonight. Might change it tomorrow.
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Here are our SEXTON fabulous International Juries:
seriously Sweden who knew that meant 16

@Epic Chocolat
@Untouchable Ace

Very happy with that - all of our 11 from the last rate's lineup, plus 5 new participants!​
A reminder: there are 80 songs in our rate.
And the first cut is number eighty in more ways than one.


Ellinore Holmer
En himmelsk sång
MF score:
3/8 SF4 2010
R1 7/8 AC 2010
OG raters: #80

PJ score: 4.68

High scorers: 9 @TéléDex 7.5 @Epic Chocolat 6.5 @MilesAngel
Low scorers: 1 @stevo_1988 2 @WowWowWowWow @pookiebots @Conan

The first song to leave us is the last track on our rate, and the chronologically youngest - in that it was the last female-sung entry in the last semi final of 2014. Last, last, last.

Anton Ewald who sang after her and closed the heat did't make it through Mandra Chansen, but if he had have, it's a decent bet to say he would have outscored her too. As it stands, she beat both him and Ammotrack on the Mandra Chansen technicality, to rank 6th with us (out of 6) and 80th (out of 80).

Yet with the Swedish voters she did remarkably better - finishing 3rd in a strong heat which included Alcazar (winners), the aforementioned Anton Ewald (2nd) and Linda Bengtzing's first failure to clear her heat (robbed). In Andra Chansen, she came 7th out of 8 in the first round of voting, beating only heat-mates Ammotrack.

Even the Swedish version of Ellinore's Wiki page doesn't give a lot of meat, but basically she 'rose to fame' as part of Glada Hudik-teatern ('A theatre group consisting of both intellectually disabled and normally disabled actors'). As part of this group, she contributed to the Mellanakt (interval) in 2010's second heat (which gave us our last rate's #9 Manipulated) with her group and Måns. Some extra googling told me that Ellinore is autistic, in case you were curious.

She has also starred in film's through the same group, one of which (Hur många lingon finns det i världen?) is where she met our last placer's co-writer, the actor and singer Vanna Rosenberg. Including 'the artist herself', this last placer had 6 people accredited to contributing to the 'text och musik'. Let's just say it's not Henrik Wikström (Lay Your Love On Me) or Amir Aly (Azerbaijan's Miracle)'s finest work. We'll see them both again in happier circumstances.

@WowWowWowWow (2) was the only one with anything to say, and it wasn't exactly 'Wow'
I'm probably going to hell for this score but it... just isn't something I ever want to listen to again.

And with that we're off. There's one more song which failed to clear the 5 mark.​
My lowest score was a 2 and it went to the final song on the list (excl. Mandra Chansen), so last up/first out would be just fine for me!

Well done on the correct prediction @WowWowWowWow !

When I asked for predictions on the first three eliminations in the last rate, this was @saviodxl 's (educated but incorrect) guess
Most likely 3 ballads sung in Swedish

Will, however, it be true for our first eliminations in this rate?

We'll get 4 more eliminations out of the way today, the next one has the highest top score of our entire bottom 5 (but also a zero)
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Next up is a familiar face from our last rate, who has outdone herself with an even earlier exit!



Caroline Af Ugglas
Hon har inte
MF score:
4/8 SF3 2013
R1 6/8 AC 2013
OG raters: #78

PJ score: 4.92

High scorers: 9.5 @daninternational 7.7 @Epic Chocolat 7.1 @KamikazeHeart
Low scorers: 0 @Untouchable Ace 1 @Conan @stevo_1988

It's safe to say that CafU is not PJ's favourite MF singer. In our last rate her songs left us at #95 (Tror på dig) and #92 (Snälla snälla). While she has beaten those positions quantitatively, this is purely because we have a smaller rate, and second-out is a new low for her.

I'm not sure what prompted Caroline to return to MF after the high of her second place in 2009, but she probably just wanted to make sure she had secured a slot in our next rate.

One of 6 entries from her heat in her rate (we're missing the two DTF qualifiers - Ravaillacz and State of Drama). The only rate entry in her heat which beat her was our Mandra Chansen winner Martin Rolinski. Behind these three male acts, Caroline came in 4th and made it to Andra Chansen, pipping Janet Leon by just over 8k votes. While heat-mate Martin and eventual winner Robin Stjernberg made it out of AC, she didn't even make the second round of voting, coming in 6th of 8.

The song itself (just like Snälla snälla) was co-written by Caroline and her husband, the musician Heinz Liljedahl. Which is interesting because the lyrics seem to be talking about a new woman - asking 'so what does she have that I do not have'. Say what you want about her style of performing, for me she definitely sells the emotion of the lyrics, and that's why I ended up as the highest scorer for this song, which my iTunes tells me is my most played MF song of 2013(!) in studio version at least. But I was definitely in the minority on this one.

@WowWowWowWow (3) was not a fan
More like Vi har inte 3 minutes to spare on tedium like this!

Next up: we hit the 5+ averages with a triple elimination
(because I really don't have much to say about any of them)​
Time for a triple elimination!

Most likely 3 ballads sung in Swedish


Maria BenHajji
I mina drömmar
MF score:
8/8 SF3 2012
OG raters: #75

PJ score: 5.11

High scorers: 8 @TéléDex @YRSHKD 7 @BubblegumBoy @Remorque
Low scorers: 1 @stevo_1988 2 @daninternational 2.9 @saviodxl

2012 loses its first entry - leaving 2011 the only one untouched (not for long).

I mina drömmar came through a lengthy Wildcard selection, only to finish dead last in its heat, and 6th out of 6 with us. Not to be confused with Sheida's 'I mina drömmar' which marginally outperformed this entry of the same name by being 5th out in our previous rate.

@WowWowWowWow (6) says
Oh goody look, another song called I mina drömmar that is no dröm of mine!! All those candles, major fire hazard!


CajsaStina Åkerström
En enkel sång
MF score:
7/8 SF3 2014
OG raters: #79

PJ score: 5.15

High scorers: 7.4 @Epic Chocolat 7.2 @KamikazeHeart 7 @WowWowWowWow @ssa
Low scorers: 0.5 @Untouchable Ace 1 @Conan @stevo_1988

3 eliminations in a row from Heat 3 of their respective years, and Heat 3 of 2011 will join them soon enough.

En enkel sång (translation "A simple song") outscored the 2014 Wildcard 'Red' but nobody else in 2014. With us, Eko have got their revenge. CajsaStina is a singer-songwriter, author and daughter of Swedish folk singer Fred Åkerström, she also became a painter during the pandemic. Insert joke comparing her MF attempt to watching paint dry.

According to Google translate, the highlight of her lengthy but dull biography is:
Until 2016, we have a special pigeon scholarship.

@WowWowWowWow (7) says
Sometimes enkel is all you need.


Elisabeth Andreassen
Vaken i en dröm
MF score:
8/8 SF2 2011
OG raters: #77

PJ score: 5.18

High scorers: 9.2 @TéléDex 7.25 @MilesAngel 7 @pookiebots
Low scorers: 1 @stevo_1988 2 @saviodxl 3 @Conan

So here it is, 2011's first cut. And the first Heat 2 song to go. Heat 1 is the only one left standing. The 5th Swedish-language ballad eliminated in a row. But compared to those who have fallen before her (even CafU) she has a bit more history worth recalling (even if this song isn't worth it).

Commonly known as Bettan, she is a Norwegian-Swedish singer with a storied Eurovision-related past. Her best results came for Norway, when she won as part of duo Bobbysocks with 'La det swinge' in 1985, and came 2nd in 1996 with a fan favourite (to me godawful) song 'I evighet'. Another duet (called, well, 'Duett') for Norway came 6th, and her one time representing Sweden (as part of duet Chips with Kikki Danielsson) she finished 8th. She actually joint-owns the record for most ESC participations as a main performer - together with Lys Assia (RIP), Sue (of Peter, Sue and Marc) and Valentina Monetta (OH OH – Uh - OH OH).

Beyond these ESC performances, she has also been in MF another 5 times, the most recent of which being this entry, and MGP Norway 3 more times - most recently 2015. In MF 2011 she finished last, not too far behind the similarly named (and similarly styled) Babsan. This was also the semi final in which we first met the future ESC queen Loreen - maybe Bettan passed on the spirit stick backstage?

@WowWowWowWow (6) says
I respect Bettan for being schlager royalty but this is like the sonic version of watching paint dry

Tomorrow, we lose our first 11!!