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Melodifestivalen Tickets

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Danniiboy, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Does anyone know when tickets go on sale for the MF final? I missed them last year and they sold out really quickly and only managed to get a ticket out of sheer luck when someone I know couldn't go. I know they usually go on sale at, is it in October/November?
  2. Last year's went on sale October 17th.

    I was able to get tickets for the Goteburg semi-final last year on 30th November (albeit at the back).

    Any word on a presenter for this year?

  3. I'm taking the morning off work on Friday to get tickets, but they go on sale from 9am SWEDISH time, so it will be 8am here. I hope to god I get tickets, I'm tempted to buy more than I need in case someone needs them, I would sell them for the face value, I'm not a monster..
  4. I would be interested in buying some tickets from you if you get too many.
  5. I think I'm going to brave the ticket website at 8am tomorrow...

    is it normally a total nightmare trying to buy them for the final?
  6. Last year the tickets sold out in a few hours. I'm setting the alarm extra early to get up . You need to make sure you have registered on the site first - luckily they have an English option (even though I can understand the Swedish - well some of it!)

    I think you can arrange to have the tickets sent in an email and you print them off, or you can pick them up from Globen itself.

    I hope to god I get tickets or I'll be ever so upset. Not sure if I can afford to buy more than 2 on my credit card...
  7. I was in the system this morning and they logged me ouy. I am now stuck in a queue
  8. im in the queue too and the phone line is busy too!
  9. Same happened to me and they're now sold out.  Grrrrrr.
  10. Sold out already? Bloody hell...
  11. Gutted.

    Did anyone have any luck at all?
  12. I was on hold to them for ages too on the phone, and they've sold out there too.

    BUT you can buy tickets at

    They are an agent who sell tickets for hard to come by shows, but they are mega expensive, the cheapest seats are £50 each, and the view isn't so great, although some of my friends bought them from this copmany last year and had these same seats and they said it wasn't too bad - not amazing but ok.

    I guess it all depends on how much you want to go - and I want to go desperately, so I've just bought two!

    There are still tickets left for the dress rehersal but dont think I can afford to go!
  13. Bloody hell.

    Swedes are Melodifestivalen crazy!

  14. I just bought 4 tickets from the website you mentioned Danniiboy. We're going to have a riot! Carola had better return for a triumphant homecoming performance!
  15. I will probably be sitting near you then Scoodle! I'm going from the Wed to Mon as I'm flying with Ryanair and there is only a flight on Fri evening after the Wed one and I want to enjoy my weekend!
  16. I managed to get two tickets but poor seats.
    I wanted blue area and got red...

    Number of tickets :2
    Section :B19
    Row :4
    Seats :55- 56

    I tried flight with ryan air yesterday to leave friday but none were available
  17. Just checked ryan air again. There is flights on the friday. Not their usual cheap ones though
  18. I'm in row 8 or 9 (allegedly) - can't believe it! Already hoping that Andreas Lundstedt and Magnus Carlsson make the final for a big showdown. Oh and for a bit of Linda Bengtzing. And viva Cosmo4.
  19. What section are you in barcelonaboy
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