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Melrose Place

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. This show seriously is the best Drama I've ever watched.
    Amanda Woodward makes Blair Waldorf look like a petty amateur.

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  2. Re: Melrose Place (Original)

    God I used to love this show when it was on back in the day – such back-stabbing and bitchery – it was fantastic! Heather Locklear as Amanda and Marcia Cross as Kimberley were my favourites – when she blew up the apartment block it was insanely brilliant! Loved it!
  3. Re: Melrose Place (Original)

    Gawd, I loved this show when I was what? 14? I remember being so anxious and excited in front of the TV waiting for it to start.
    I hope this gets released someday here in my country.
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    Re: Melrose Place (Original)

    I used to watch this show on CBS Drama. Season 1 was boring, season 2-5 were amazing and the last two seasons were good but the new characters ruined it. I loved Kimberley, Sydney and Amanda.
  5. Re: Melrose Place (Original)

    I only ever managed to watch the season with Kristin Davis in it & when Marcia Cross went mad.

    Was amazing stuff, wish I got to see the rest.

    Id love to own the DVD's, one day I'll buy them if I find them cheap enough.
  6. Re: Melrose Place (Original)

    ^Um Ok...

    I am waiting forever for Season 6 to be released. My best friend ordered it online in December for Christmas but hasn't been delivered yet. I feel like crying. Even though all I hear is bad reviews about Season 6/7.
  7. Re: Melrose Place (Original)

    I've been getting into this again. It's one of the best drama orientated shows that has ever been on television. Heather Locklear's character Amanda Woodward is absolutely inspirational and critically amazing!
  8. Re-watching early Melrose Place right now and it's both a drag and hilarious how they constantly have to hammer in certain things about the characters - Jane is lonely! Michael works a lot! Jake is poor! Billy is an aspiring writer! Alison wants to succeed in advertising! Rhonda is an aerobics instructor! Matt is a gay! A gay is Matt!
  9. Then in comes Amanda and smashes the whole thing apart. Fuck I love her.
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  10. Oh gosh, I really need to catch up on Netflix. I was only a year old when Melrose Place premiered on Fox, so I was too young back then.
  11. Seeing Kimberely being so nice is odd.
  12. I would say the show really started to change when Jo arrived in episode 15 to be honest. It's such a shame they screwed her character up in the later seasons because she was really enjoyable as the no-nonsense New Yorker.

    I'm currently at episode 19 - the first appearance of SYDNEY.
  13. Sydney, oh you will be really enjoying her! She's like a spastic frivolous Kimberley.
  14. I'm watching this again, brushed the dust off my DVD collection. I still have Season 6 - Part Two and Season 7 - Parts 1 & 2 to import yet. They will cost me $150 which is absolutely ridiculous, but totally worth it.
  15. I loved the revamped series, was I alone in that?
  16. No, it was great.
  17. BTG


    Poor Marcia Cross.
  18. All of them are way off, maybe except for Matt.

    Heather Locklear's 'clone' looks like a younger Elaine Hendrix.
  19. So it's a drama series about behind the scenes on Melrose Place with the characters being the actors who played each character?! What kind of madness!
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