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Melrose Place

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. It's a TV movie. They've been doing a couple of those recently.
  2. That would be bloody genius!! Hahaha
    (Too bad it's not.)
  3. So this happened a month ago and no one mentioned it?!

  4. They all look so good

    I loved this show
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  5. They look amazing. I had no idea Doug and Laura were married in real life.
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  6. My favorite tv show ever, next to Friends. Seasons 2-4 are gold tv.
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  7. jtm


    That wig scene. I screamed! Legends all of them.
  8. Amanda Woodwood is still who I wanna be when I grow up.

    There's a good Melrose Place podcast that hilariously recaps episodes.
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  11. That was really fun to watch. Thanks for posting. I'm surprised and touched by how close they are. A real fondness for each other.
  12. It was so much fun to watch. Although it sometimes showed that the hosts didn’t do their full homework before, and got confused with the characters and storylines from time to time.
  13. This show > 90210 tbh!

    90210 was only good for the first 5 seasons while Melrose had a stronger, more consistent run overall and never turned to shit. Tea.
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  14. I ♡ Truth

    Why Netflix hasn't snatched this and BH up I'll never know. It'll have a prime (they should grab it to) nostalgia/finds a cult new audience viewship in days.
    The titles, the deaths, the ad caps, the cliffhangers... amazing

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  15. It was so DAMN CAMPY - it was practically made for the gheys.

    I was HOOKED, OBSESSED, ADDICTED with it for ages. So much crazy stuff happened it was impossible not to get caught up in it: Jo’s baby being stolen, Kimberly running a mental institution under the order of one of her split personalities, Alison going blind in an explosion, Jane plotting to kill her business partner and ex lover only for him to crawl out of his grave, Charlotte - uh, I mean Brooke’s ghost appearing in the pool, Sydney...oh, legendary Sydney! What didn’t she do?!

    It’s available to stream here in the States, so I’ve been going through the series again. It holds up so well.
  16. Half way through BH90210 keen to watch this after. Why aren’t they both on streaming services. Both iconic shows.
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  17. You’re going to love Melrose! The first half of the first season is a bit of a slog, but it improves very quickly after that. Definitely post your thoughts when you get round to watching this one.

    also, side note, but your avi just inspired me to go and pop on Angels With Dirty Faces.
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  18. Hahehhahurrhah mah bad I’m sorry
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  19. nu-Jane was the worst. She couldn’t even be a compelling “villain”. Not everyone can be Sydney and Kimberly!

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  20. Yeah, I liked it when she started to stand more for herself, but being a villain - especially in season 5, really didn’t suit her. Billy was a terrible villain as well.
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