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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blayke, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. She just seemed nuts without a plan. The other characters always had some sort of plan or goal that drove their insanity. With Jane, it was like she just woke up one day and said, “I’m going to be crazy today!” and that was her character until she left.

    Billy was an even worse offender. What was his purpose other than to be railroaded by Alison and her drunk antics? We already had Jake as the show’s piece of meat (though I preferred Michael). Billy was sort of just there.

    Yes, I may have too many strong opinions about this show nn.
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  2. Billy and Alison being written like they were endgame but not actually ending up endgame was a massive letdown and that big cast exodus after S5 was pretty rough but needed.

    I think the show got a bit of a second wind when Lexi came in to the picture. I quite enjoyed her antics and voice.
  3. They sent poor GODlison off to Atlanta to fall off of the wagon.

    Season six is fucking awful. Alyssa Milano is no Laura Leighton and Jennifer was a poor man’s Sydney.
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  4. Yeah, I think doing what they did to Syd was TRIFLING but the sheer spectacle of it was iconic. It didn’t help that that’s obviously the only direction they really had for Jennifer.

    i liked Sam when she joined but by the end of her run I was over her too
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  5. Cast Exodus made sense, but they just got rid of the wrong cast members ddd
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  6. Someone admitting to liking S*m? We got a Little Reily in our midst, ladies!

    Honestly, the way they did all of their iconic characters was trifling. Syd’s stings particularly because she contributed a hell of a lot to the show as did Kimberly. Melrose would’ve flopped had those two loons not been integrated as they were.

    A world without Sydney becoming a prostitute, marrying her sister’s ex-husband, then blackmailing him to stay only to get framed for his murder and then released and sent to the nuthouse? Unthinkable!
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  7. Yeah, Laura and Marsha CARRIED the series at its peak, I’d argue only Thomas’ slimy ass Mancini was the other character who could compare aside from Amanda? Idk. I’m gonna rewatch it now nn

    -edit- LITTLE REILLY? IM ASHAMED but you right
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  8. Yeah, Michael kinda served season after season, too. To be honest, Amanda never did anything for me. Her bitchery was great, but I can’t think of her really doing much (other than keeping Alison pressed) until maybe the backend of the series. She just sort of was the bitchy landlord that was unlucky in romance until then. The reverse Ramona Singer of the series.

    Melrose was also really funny. There were some great gems buried in all of the drama. One that stands out to me is when Sydney is instructed to go to some sandwich stand and say the “secret code” which is “pastrami on rye” and no one knows what the fuck she’s talking about ddd only for it to be revealed it was a setup.
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  9. SCREAM I’m on the second episode and the girl riding in Billy’s taxicab is none other than the final girl from Jason Goes to Manhattan!
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  10. These two always feuding ddd.
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  11. Most of the power couples didn’t end up together, which was pretty sad - Billy and Alison, Jake and Jo, Michael and Kimberly and even Sydney and Craig who were together for a short time but were so good as a couple. They could have at least send Alison and Jake away together, since they both left at the same time!
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  12. I hated Jake and Jo together. Jo was too good for him. Jo was too good for mostly everyone in that building. She should’ve just moved out with Matt and became his hag ddd.

    I can’t watch Taylor’s scenes. I feel like I’m watching Lisa Rinna play Lisa Rinna. She is a shit actress!
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  13. Jo is my favourite character out of them all, with Sydney, Kimberly Amanda and Jane rounding out the Top 5.

    A moment most pleasing to us all
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  14. Melrose Place Seasons 2, 3, 4 and parts of 5 is one of the juiciest runs ever.
  15. Kimba going full on mad was the best thing the show ever did, especially when Betsy came out and she began running the insane asylum and decided to bring back the lobotomy.

    Who was doing it like her?, as stan Twitter likes to say.
  16. I actually really hated Kimberly’s multiple personalities and the asylum storylines, they were just too far out there and full of plot holes. I wish they just kept Kimberly sane like she was in the first half of season 4, it was a nice change for her and fun to watch.
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  17. What they shouldn’t have done was killed legend Brooke so soon. She was pure evil, which is hard to accomplish when you’ve got Kimberly, Sydney and Michael around. Not everyone has that.
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  18. This thread makes me want to watch the show again. I think I have all seasons on DVD. But I want the Blu-Ray.

    Hi-Def Drama!!

    I loved Kimberly, Sydney and Michael. I found Thomas Calabro SO sexy. He and Laura Leighton had fabulous chemistry, and Leighton was comedic gold. One of my favourite scenes is when Sydney learns she has become a porn producer. Leighton's reaction and delivery was brilliantly deadpan.
  19. Laura Leighton was and still is a goddess, and one of the most underrated and underused actresses out there.
  20. Laura is a gem. I suffered through watched Pretty Little Liars for ha.

    Does anyone remember their first run through of the series? I swear, I almost gave up I was so bored to tears with their problem of the week shit, but I stuck it out and got to season two, and I was not prepared for the shitshow that unfolded.
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