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Messy UK documentaries and reality shows

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. A thread for all those short-lived or one-off programmes that Channel 5 inflict upon us on weekday evenings at 9 or 10pm. The stuff we usually clog up the Big Brother thread with whilst waiting for BBBOTS to come on.

    We can also discuss the latest nonsense to be shown on ITV2, E4, Channel 4 etc.

    If people would like to post their favourite recent examples I will edit this post with a list, so newcomers know what we mean.
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  2. Celeb Trolls
    Celebrity 100% Hotter
    Celeb Ghost Hunt
    Cruising With Jane McDonald(?)
    In Therapy

    Did anyone try the Celebs Go Dating? I thought the Celebs Go Dating was delicious.
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  3. The Girl Who Became Three Boys was an ICONIC documentary.
  4. I so wanna watch this when I scroll through the tv schedule but never catch it. Maybe because I don't know if I have Channel ...5? Where is it on? I love First Dates and First Dates Hotel!
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  5. YES

    I’d forgotten all about it until you mentioned it and now I’m reliving the CGI reenactments and cackling. My favourite moment is at 42:20 (“....riiiiight.”)
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  6. "I have a perfectly capable toilet of holding sick."
    Future Big Brother winner right there.
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  7. It’s on E4. 9pm every night.
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  8. Darn it, I don't think I have it.

  9. Can you believe this actually happened? And look at the little red button 'Could you tell?'. It's not even that long ago.
  10. NOOO I have 40 minutes to go at work and I clicked on this thinking I could skip through but the first 45 seconds alone have me hooked.
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  11. Ok so two iconic pieces of trash documentary from Channel 4.

    First, the documentary that convinced me not to move to Manchester.

    The rational part of my brain is like "There probably isn't an undiscovered serial killer in Manchester", but then I watch 5 minutes of this and I'm convinced the police are covering something up and nobody is safe.

    And Kill Me if You Can.

    Basically a less ambitious version of the Girl who Became 3 boys. Early catfishing where one boy convinces another he is being recruited by the Secret Service, and his tasks include being a cam boy, oral sex and finally trying to commit suicide by proxy.

    (these may be a little bit too True Crime to be really messy, but the cheap production values and SHOCKING content are an utter mess.)
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  12. It's SO good. You find yourself horrified by some parts yet the farcical nature of the whole thing keeps your interest. One of the girls being naturally charismatic and hilarious certainly helps
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  13. It's awful but I cackled at the fact that the first piece of evidence that they were the same people was that they had nice teeth. But this girl somehow met the same girl as two differ--

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  14. The intro alone... jaja
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  15. I think I've already found my favorite thread.
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  16. Y'all have ruined my night.
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  17. Is that that woman off of big brother who is always in the papers licking ketchup off her boobs or face down in a kebab?
  18. Two minutes in and this is already iconic.
  19. Celebs Go Dating is really doing it for me right now.
  20. I just sat and watched this entire documentary, so iconic.
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