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Messy UK documentaries and reality shows

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. This thread has just reminded me of that creepy Channel 4 trailer for Dogging Tales

  2. Katie Price: My Crazy Life
    Mariah's World (OK, not UK but still, worth a watch)

    Both excellent hangover binge watches.
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  3. Didn't SkyOne do some really atrocious stuff at this time... like the "how gay are you?" quiz that they spread over several nights.
  4. Ugh. The whole idea of the show is a bit repulsive but the reaction of the guys... and for a lot of straight ‘lads’ it would still be the same today.

    Hypocritically though I bloody loved Playing It Straight. Channel 4 seem to be able to handle controversial subjects with a bit more care, even where the underlying show is a mess.
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  5. The Salon on Channel 4 was amazing. I think it was on just before Hollyoaks.

    Before anyone says it wasn't 'messy', I think any show that would happily do back, sack and crack's at teatime could be the definition of messy. I lived for it.

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  6. OH MY GOD the dogging tales thing, I remember watching it and was strangely intrigued and disturbed at the same time.

    I go past this brothel every day on the train as I go to work. The most iconic part about it? It has a front door that says Please Use The Rear Entrance

    My friends and I also got drunk once and phoned them up and asked what girls they had in. I’ve also served Foxy at work. Ddd.

    I love living in Sheffield.
  8. Also if we’re going messy channel 4 documentaries...

    An absolute classic. The 84 year old escort is an absolute icon. Let them have the golden flow.

    The shots of them walking out the bedroom with come on their tits. The fact that the one girl has used the money to buy herself a luxury apartment in London. The girl putting the dildo she used earlier in her friends mouth on cam.

    Was I living under a rock? I thought the living dolls and the dogging ones and also the grandma escort were the messiest and then we have these...
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  10. The first time I watched this iconic documentary, I was too busy cackling at scenes such as these (“this dildo tastes like your arse” “Thats why I dipped it in your wine - I used it this morning”) to notice the weird, foreboding tone due to the lack of narrator and tension-building music. Watching it again now, it’s quite unsettling!
  11. I remember watching a documentary a few years ago about the gay scene and a reporter went undercover on a dating website, he explored dogging sites, porn studios etc, but the part that stayed with me was when he had visited a professional "fister"... the last shot they used before they went to the credits was a pile of poo left over from a previous client.

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  12. JESUS CHRIST - why are these documentaries always coming from the Brits? I CANNOT EVEN.
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  13. My Phone Sex Secrets is responsible for ruining my perception of what 'CBT' is. If you want a messy documentary, this is a must-watch.

    "Girls Aloud? Good choice!"

    The way she emulates climaxing whilst calmly painting the walls and using the paint pot to create 'sound effects' is just so EXTRA but truly iconic.

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  14. I just finished watching the Brothel one, it's rather HILARIOUS I must say.

    Mess at ALL OF THEM HAVING wigs and can't be bothered to cinch their waists. A drag queen needs to walk in there and SORT ALL OF THEM OUT.

    And free meatpies during Christmas - I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT.
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  15. O H M Y G O D I HATE ALL OF YOU FOR MAKING ME WATCH THIS. Jess is fucking iconic.

    "If Mark Zuckerberg didn't invent Facebook, none of this would've happened."

    "I'm a normal sixteen year old. I love Nando's."
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  16. And this was filmed in Glasgow. Hilarious and cringey.
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  17. Iconic, I'm pretty sure I know which strip club that documentary was filmed in ddd
  18. That phone sex one is a must!

    To be honest I think we Brits love to act all high-class as if our shit smells of roses, but really we are the pits of humanity and would trade our siblings for cash, cigarettes or a bag of chips.
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  19. I was expecting some peak Channel 4 mess when watching this for the first time, but it actually has an absolutely lovely main 'character' in it.

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