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Messy UK documentaries and reality shows

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Diamond Dolls? I even recognise one of the girls on it, I'm sure I've spoke to her before while she's been out PR-ing.
  2. They're secretly all LOVING it
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  3. First Dates Hotel last night (not sure if it was a rerun) was heartwarming. The fact that two couples actually hit it off was so sweet. The rugby player and the nightclub promoter girl, such a good looking couple.
    Have to say though, some British girls paint their faces in an extreme way. I always think, ok but what guy would be into that, because whoknows what they look like without that mask on?
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  4. Strippers was a great series but my favourite stripper-themed documentary was Table Dancing Diaries on BBC3.

    I could only find the first 20mins online but it contains the best bit - when the new recruits are told (in quite a serious tone) the ground rules of the club:

    - No breasts can touch the customer’s face
    - no sliding up and down the customer’s body or grinding
    - you cannot do a lesbian act with another dancer
    - you cannot finger your friend

  5. Did anyone watch the Sex Robots thing on C4 tonight?
  6. Not this scatching read/tea. I remember thinking the Brits were all posh like Victoria when I knew virtually nothing about the UK, except Popstars magazine and Boyzone, Eternal et al.

    And then I saw Jade Goody on Big Brother UK. I think reality TV has done the UK public the injustice haha.
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  7. I remember watching Celebrities on Benefits on C5 with Lisa from Big Brother. She seemed so deluded
  8. That Satanic period last year (or was it the year before) where Danielle Lloyd was on like 5 different shows within a 2 week period.
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