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Metal/hard rock but for gays

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rhombus, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. I'd second the Within Temptation love. Symphonic high-end rock that sounds like it's permanently trapped in 1993, but is just awesome up loud.

    These are gloomily enjoyable with mucho bass:

    For a bit more pop-sass with guitars, I love this:

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  2. I'm gonna give this a try, sorry if it doesn't fit:

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  3. I have grown out of Within Temptation but i still can’t deny they have this absolute banger. Whew the meltdowns metalheads had when their fave released a disco influenced bop. Their minds...

    i think Unforgiving can be a great start for “rock for gays”. It has drama and bops galore.
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  4. If you need a break from WT, but miss Sharon's voice, she has a pretty great pop album out

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  5. May I recommend some J-rock groups? They seem to marry pop sensibilities with heavier sound really well.

    Also, hats off to all the posters who mentioned AFI. Decemberunderground especially is a quality record in my book, I bop to it as much as I did when I discovered it 13 years ago.
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  6. You can't talk about J-rock without mentioning X Japan!

  7. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    Go on then, if we're going to do J-Rock, let's have some some visual kei, lemme post this song I was obsessed with back in the day (the industrialy b-side remix remains the best):

  8. I listen to Nookie on a regular basis
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  9. For fans of Bring Me The Horizon (That's The Spirit era), PVRIS or New Years Day, Vukovi's new album is a must. It retains the poppy/heavy ratio of the debut, but with an increase in electronics and vocal layering. The vocals get very Aurora-y at times.

    Play Me Cos I Can Take It, Run/Hide and White Lies are it.

    And my favorite bop from the debut.

  10. They've been mentioned already, but I can't champion darkwave-rockers The Birthday Massacre enough

    They've just put out a new single from their upcoming album

    Some of my faves of their back catalogue

  11. This is iconic, how much I’d love to go back, be an adult, and attend Woodstock 94. Trent really knew how to put on a great show.
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  12. Breathe Carolina used to be pure screamo but their most recent album, Death, is full of driving-at-night pop bops.

  13. The rest of the album is just hippie vibes but she gives us this nu metal masterpiece as the last track.
    I haven't listened yet (my 2019 list is slowly but surely coming together), but Jada Smith had a metal band called Wicked Wisdom.
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  14. Ooo this thread is what i've been WAITING FOR.
    Except my browser absolutely hates me for loading up so many embedded youtube videos on one page.

    Halestorm, PVRIS and In This Moment (Who just put out a song this week) are excellent choices but they've already been mentioned on the few pages i've looked through so I won't bother to link them again.

    Also highly recommend Dream State who just recently put out a new album.

    Some other recent faves / recent finds of mine:

    (That's Lacey Sturm, aka Flyleaf's ex-lead vocalist. Her solo album is pretty decent)

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  15. I've just remembered Arch Enemy, us gays stan a roaring front woman. They are definitely a metal band.
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  16. @Gemini You can use the Spotify playlist as it is less CPU consuming:

    I'll check if any tracks posted on the last few pages are missing later.
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  17. I'ts more blues-rock but I'm surprised this hasn't been thrown in yet! What a song!
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  18. Nice playlist. I completely forgot to mention HIM. VillE Valo was a bit a of an Alt-Gay heart throb at one point. We love a guy with smudged eyeliner.

  19. Some of you might've seen my thread on the band SKYND; they perform industrial-leaning music, but the energy is pretty metal

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  20. Anette Olzon!

    The two albums she did with Nightwish (Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerum) are really good. Nowadays she is in another band with former Sonata Arctica guitarist Jani Liimatainen called The Dark Element and they have released two albums thus far.

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