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Metal/hard rock but for gays

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rhombus, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. Didn't know she had already left Nightwish. I don't remember if I've listened to any post-Once albums in full though, so I have some catching up to do. Checking out her newer band in a bit!
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  2. Dark Passion Play is a brilliant album, I never really clicked with Imaginaerum though.
  3. More in the synth/industrial category but two of my fave bands, The Birthday Massacre and In This Moment, are releasing new albums on March 27th! Both lead singles sound great.

    And with Evanescence in the studio it's looking like like a good year for my 'female rock trinity'.
  4. Jeez, I remember how much Nightwish fans couldn't accept Anette as the band's new vocalist. I was obsessed with Amaranth when it came out and can still recall the comment section under the video which basically was one big Anette hatefest.
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  5. Flyleaf released an album with a new vocalist after Lacey left the band and it was not well received. Not because the music was bad- I actually quite liked the album- but because it was just not her vocals.

    Then that new vocalist left the band after the album came out and so the band is on "hiatus" but, I don't foresee them ever coming back.
  6. I remember when Kristen left; she said she never felt like a part of the band, which is fair because Lacey's voice was the lion's share of the band, it's a voice that cannot be replaced.
    If they released Between The Stars under a different name, maybe they'd still be going
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  7. Agreed. I feel like so much of a band is contingent on the lead singer staying the same. But, at least they tried. And Between the Stars was still a good album. It just wasn't really a Flyleaf album.

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  9. This is Wagakki Band, a Folk Metal group who came to prominence with their Vocalo Zenmai album (A Vocaloid covers album), and then solidified their space in metal with their use of classic Japanese instruments.

  10. What a thread.

    Glad to see Halestorm getting some love. My absolute favs.

    Absolute legend and a treat to look at:

    Also amazing:

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  11. Thanks so much for bringing them up as I had forgotten about them! I randomly saw them live in Japan Expo a few years back, and was impressed by the mix of genres. I will definitely dive into their discography.
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  12. I have found my thread.

    Here's something some of you might be interested in. In Japan lately, there's been a big boom in all-female power metal bands, and most of these are really, really great. A small sampler follows. If you listen to only one of these, make it Mary's Blood, that guitar solo is FUCKING BONKERS.

    (Light Bringer aren't an all-female band, but whatever, they're good anyway)
  13. Honestly, we could even make a whole thread for Jrock/Jmetal. The talent coming out of it is too much.
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  14. I love Anna Von Hausswolff.

    This song is so worth it.
  15. Recently became obsessed with PJ Harvey

  16. I'm... seeing Slipknot tonight.


    A 10 year old me dream come true. I've been listening to the debut and Iowa for the first time in 15 years... and all of it surprisingly holds up. My favorite song remains this later bop though:

    The lore and the urban legends that were spread in school... the early to mid 00's were wild.
  17. Oh my God, yesss. Hope you have a lot of fun!
    Btw we must be similar age.

    Before I Forget is being bopped to on a regular basis here too.
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  18. It low-key might be my fave PJ thread right now...

    Since no one brought up Deftones, I'll do it. They deserve to be mentioned in this thread not only because they dared to cover Sade (successfully may I add):

    There's a lot of sensuality in their original music and Chino Moreno's vocals, both are very distinctive. Their sound is moody and dark, however I'd say they have some 'party' tunes which you can rock out to.

    Some of my faves:

    When it comes to albums, I highly recommend White Pony and self-titled though it's fair to say they don't have a bad album to their name.
  19. I did! They were incredible. For once, I had no idea what I was getting into. Didn't look for past setlists, or watched any live videos, so everything felt new and fresh. It was such a spectacle. There were so many highlights I don't know where to start...

    Coming on stage with Unsainted, Disasterpiece, and especially Eeyore was crushing. I appreciated the breaks every three to four songs, as I often needed to catch my breath. I'm amazed they're still able to do this +20 years into their career, and with most of the band reaching 50.

    Behemoth were opening, and they blew me away too. I'm going to dive in their discography in the next few weeks.

    And yes probably! Very early, music became my passion in the early 00's through nu metal and pop punk bands.

    Whew the taste! One of my all-time favorite bands, and I would've probably picked the same songs. Their upcoming album is supposedly coming in April, so there's a chance we might finally hear a single this month. For the first time, we know pretty much nothing about it, other than the rumor of Terry Date being back on board. Whether it turns out to be true or not, I'm perched.
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  20. Deftones are amazing. I used to dismiss them "back in the day" because they were unfairly lumped in with (in my opinion) horrible rap-rock like Limp Bizkit or POD. But their vocal melodies are so unusual and their arrangements so amazingly layered, they're in a different league entirely.
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