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Metal/hard rock but for gays

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rhombus, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. Fantastic! So happy you had a ball! Slipknot are playing in Łódź on Thursday - if it wasn't a working day and the gig was nearer than 6-hour drive from where I live, I'd be there in a heartbeat.
    Great that Behemoth were the support act - you experienced one of Poland's finest exports. Not gonna lie, their music's too hardcore for me, but their success and acclaim still makes me happy. And the band is from my hometown, Gdańsk. The leader, Adam Nergal Darski is a total snack. His nudes are easy to google and the results are not disappointing...

    Thank you so much! Yes, the new release is quite exciting. And they're definitely high up on my bucket list of acts I'm dying to see live!
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  2. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel is a bop! I'd probably recommend you to start from The Satanist.
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    and i have always loved this random collab she did with Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age fame

    Draft saved​
  4. I recognize that one from the show! I'm going in chronological order as a habit, but I'm looking forward to hear the aforementioned album.
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  5. ddd Rid of Me is probably my least favourite of her earlier albums. The mixing is so quiet. Hopefully it will grow on me with time. I haven’t dived into the second half of her discography yet.
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  6. Nine inch nails existence said gay rights
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  7. Enter Shikari are releasing their sixth album on April 17th.
    Is this their arty era dd
    13 years later, and still not many things beats the feeling of hearing a new single from them. They're so versatile I always expect the unexpected. This one manages to sound like a blend of every post-Take To The Skies album.

  8. In This Moment's Maria did a solo show at Shiprocked and did a selection of covers including this

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  9. I love gay rock;

    And the best song ever recorded that spoke to gay existence at its most fundamental.

    Bonus gay points:

  10. basically anything from j-rock sung by ladies

    not j-rock but dreamcatcher saved asia so it's worth the stream
  11. When it comes to Jrock sung by ladies, Yōsei Teikoku are one of my faves:

    The looks, the campiness, the drama... can I say legendaric?
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  12. Nightwish are back, with a new album in April.

    Floor has a great voice, but I'm not sure how it stands with Nightwish's style of metal.

    Amaranthe have released their new single 'Do Or Die' (With former Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow) as the lead single from their upcoming sixth album; which will be their first since they signed with Nuclear Blast Records.
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  13. I came across this recently and it floored me.

    Those synths (are they even synths?? is it a guitar riff on top of another riff??) made me ascend.
  14. That late 90s-00s era when Marilyn Manson, System of a Down, the gen X dad rockers, JLO, Rappers, Britney all co existed. Bring it back

    not a metal fan as I find it not rhythmic, but the live metal shows I’ve been to are super fun. I like alternative rock, industrial, nu-metal, pop punk... Any tips on something I’d like?
  15. Bonkers.

    Happiness is boring, I need pain instead can come off as corny but damn.
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  16. I got into Manson about a year ago now and i'm still so fascinated by his whole persona and music from the 90's to early 00's. Mechanical Animals and Antichrist Superstar are now some of my favorite albums of all time, they're heavy and angry but with gorgeous and sad production at the same time. Some of the production on Mechanical Animals reminds me of Ray Of Light for some reason, which is good since that's my favorite Madonna album.

    This song in particular I find really haunting, it really sounds like something from another planet to me and it fits perfectly with the alien aesthetic. It really pulls you in.

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  17. My fave MM album, I'm desperately seeking it on vinyl
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  18. The new In This Moment songs are so good.

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  19. I'm really into the new Dance Gavin Dance single, from their upcoming tenth (!) album:

    Another song I would recommend to newcomers.

    @Music Is Life I don't know how much screaming you like in your rock, but I can imagine you dig this band! Funky post-hardcore with some of the poppiest melodies I've ever heard in the genre, and a singer whose breathy tone always reminds me of... Ellie Goulding.

    To stay in a similar lane, Issues' newest album is an unique mix of metal, pop, funk and R&B.

    Those UK Garage influences...

    The intro to this one does things to my wig too. So smooth!

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  20. Didn't even know this thread existed, thanks! I'll check them out.
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