Their show last night in Portland was so good! They sounded amazing live and Emily just bounces around the stage - so energetic and full of life.

My only complaint was that they didn’t perform The Shade or the song they did for the Twilight movie - but they have an extensive catalogue to choose from so I understand that sacrifices have to be made.
I saw them last night in Utrecht (NL) and they were magnificent?! Emily is a goddess and she was in top form. The energy on this woman! Her voice besides being gorgeous and unique, remains incredibly stable while jumping all over the place (the lungs!). She was even jumping during acoustic Combat Baby!

She is the coolest, and they all radiated such positive energy. You can tell they enjoy this so much.

So many tracks go off live. Help I’m alive, All Comes Crashing, Cascades, Monster Hospital and Black Sheep went off! But to be honest most tracks did. Ugh, what an eve!
They started teasing a new era and a first single is apparently out on Friday.

Putting into spoilers so there's less chance of it getting taken down (fff) but this popped up on a certain VK page known for music leaks:

October 13th.


1. Detour Up
2. Just The Once
3. Stone Window
4. Days Of Oblivion
5. Who Would You Be For Me
6. Suckers
7. Nothing Is Perfect
8. Descendants
9. Go Ahead And Cry
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This happened for formentera (leaking tracklist and cover early) so I'm not surprised!

Im intrigued that this is a part 2, but I hope the sonic landscape is a bit different from part 1. Art of Doubt and Fantasies are still the absolute peaks of metric for me.
From their newsletter:

Yes, it’s true, there IS a Formentera II. The part two companion album of ✨nine songs✨ is coming out Oct 13, and today we are releasing the first single, “Just The Once.”

The only way I seem to be able to describe “Just The Once” is to call it "regret disco,” which by the way I have decided and can say first hand from personal experience is 100% for sure a thing. It's a song for when you need to dance yourself clean. Because isn't it amazing how easily you can let things slide as a moral human being? Also lyrically it’s just basically me noticing the whole time how "once" is a simple word with many meanings, a word that plays a game of opposites.

Once can mean once-upon-a-time and refer to a moment in the past, or it can mean someday, once something happens. And as for doing something only once versus doing something once in a while, well, I think we all know how vast the difference is between those two meanings.

I’m so happy this day has arrived and you can finally hear something from this album! It was hard to keep the existence of Formentera II a secret, but I really wanted to announce this one year after we released Formentera, maybe because it gave me some sense of closure or symmetry, who knows. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a damn maze and maybe you do too, or maybe you have it totally together, or maybe you feel like you’re always floating somewhere in between. Wherever you’re at right now, I am here to guide you to the ⚡️rocking⚡️ conclusion of our Formentera I & II odyssey.

All eyes on Oct 13 obvs but yes you can pre-order Formentera II as well as the full double album Formentera I & II on vinyl now. We have several limited edition color versions and all the beautiful things for you. I’m told quantities are limited, so if you want to have it head on over to


It's surprisingly good. I was worried it would be another "cast offs" compilation, but it's a strong record on its own. I might even like it better than the first. “Descendants” is my current favourite, and is wonderfully off kilter. They're really going from strength to strength at this point in their career.