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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popping-in, May 15, 2008.

  1. It sounds so.............French.
  2. So just how good is the new album? I'm distracted by the current deluge of amazing new releases.
  3. It's definitely good, too early to say how good.

    Very eclectic for sure and mainly downtempo...reminds me of Phoenix, Tahiti 80, some 80s touches too a la Robert Smith & maybe Gary Numan even a dash of Morrissey!
  4. moorje

    moorje Guest

    This album gets more rewarding on each listen, it's so beautifully crafted. They could easily have done a Hot Chip and gone for more bonkers and wonky pop. However they have created something far more mature and understated.
    I've noticed from the booklet that they've lost a member but gained two more?
  5. I've just listened to the new album and I must say I'm impressed. I might actually like it better than their debut. It's way classier and it sounds more polished. Trouble is my favourite so far, it sounds a bit like Cocteau Twins. I love it!
  6. moorje

    moorje Guest

    I've not heard their debut. What's it like? I've heard a few singles from it but they semed a bit cluttered and noisy. I loved Nights Out and I'm loving The English Riviera.
  7. Oh, I didn't know they had an album before Nights Out! I thought it was their debut. I'll have to listen to that one too. This band is pretty amazing.
  8. moorje

    moorje Guest

  9. What is up with all these insane p&p costs all of a sudden? Their shop is making me pay almost twice the price of the album... And I really want the physical.
    I loved their previous sound, but this album is so nicely done and polished. The imagery and title allude perfectly to the songs.
  10. moorje

    moorje Guest

    #28 on the album chart! That's pretty impressive.
  11. I love it! I'm kind of obsessed with them right now. Wonderful stuff.
  12. What a fantastic song! Are the songs on the album in a similar vein to this?

    They're already good in my books from the Sophie/Nicola connection, but I never sought out they're material before. Mistake.
  13. Shallow moment: has Joe lost weight or something? He looks much more smashable than he did in the Nights Out days.
  14. moorje

    moorje Guest

  15. (I know I am a bit late but) The video is really great.
  16. Fantastic video. Their album is still one of my favourites this year. It's perfect.
  17. He


    Yes, this album is one of my favorites too. Is so nice and stylish, simple gorgeous sounding.
  18. Just discovered The Bay a couple of days ago.

    Ridiculously good, even if it's a bit late I think it's going to be the song of the summer for me.
  19. The album is nice but bloody hell why did they put all of the brilliant songs at the end? The first half is mostly so boring.
  20. 'The English Riviera Unreleased Mixes' download album is all kinds of brilliant. It's on itunes for £4.99. It's possibly better than the original album.
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