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Metteson (Norwegian pop artist)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by frkeske, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. So Metteson (the artist name of Norwegian actor Sverre Breivik) just did a performance at the Norwegian talkshow Lindmo with his new single "Under Your Shirt" two days ago. I thought I should create a thread for his music as I have been having his songs on repeat for some months now.

    Metteson has released an EP this year and some singles since his first release "80 Miles" in 2019.

    Metteson is based in Bergen where he works as an actor at the local theatre Den Nationale Scene. He has worked with music producers Vetle Junker and Matias Tellez, that is what his Spotify bio says. Musicians Sondre Lerche and Sigrid are fans of his music. Sigrid did a "blurb" (what do you call it when it's a musician who recommends another musician?) for him for the Lindmo talkshow. She said that he has great stage presence. Sondre Lerche has been to several of Metteson's concerts lately and posted about them on social media. The artist name Metteson stems from him being the son of Mette (i.e. Mette's son). A music reviewer in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten compared his EP Convince Me to the pop music that Robyn makes. That is a great compliment for him!

    You can read an interview that he did in English here:

    If you want to see his TV performance please visit this link: and tap the number 6 beneath the TV-player. It seems this TV show does not upload clips to YouTube anymore as far as I can tell.
  2. Here is the YouTube upload of Metteson's TV performance at Lindmo!

  3. The newspaper The Guardian has featured Metteson in their "Sounds like the future" series.

    I hope that this will make more people listen to his music! Metteson will play a couple of concerts in Norway in February and March, and I am going to one of them.
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  4. Metteson's new single "Come, Cry" was released today.

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  5. Today Metteson released a new single, "Second Heart".

    He has been a support act for AURORA on her concerts in the UK and Ireland recently. I was at his concert in Norway in March. It was sold out and it was loud. I spotted a couple of Norwegian celebrities, my friend spotted some more celebrities, and the concert was fantastic. So I have hopes for this new single to gain some attention.
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  6. Second Heart is stunning.
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  7. It is great that you think so, @backstreetjoe. I was thinking this is the kind of music you like. And myself I was baffled by the song on the first listen.
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  8. The music video for "Second Heart" was filmed inside an old library in Oslo.
  9. Today Metteson released a new single, "Never Let Me Go". It's one of the songs that The Guardian mentioned by name in their feature a while back. Metteson also performed "Never Let Me Go" live when he supported AURORA on her UK/IE tour.


  10. This is "Never Let Me Go" live from one of the festivals Metteson played at in July.
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  11. Here is "Under Your Shirt" live from the same festival as the recording of "Never Let Me Go" above. It looks like a great crowd, and Metteson says "Thank you so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" to them when he speaks in Norwegian in-between singing.

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