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Michael Bublé - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slimane, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Good new song!

  2. EDIT: I added the 2nd part of the interview.
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  3. It's great to see promoting and performing. I'm going to try and resist listening to the new songs until i get the album.
  4. Looks like there will be music video for Higher:

    I listened to the album. I really like other two originals Baby I'll Wait and Mother (at first glance it is a bit cheesy but it came from his heart, the simple melody is great). I think is very capable to make great full original album but I have a feeling he will never do that because he simply loves classics, that is what those who criticize him don't understand. All the renditions are great but I think, besides My Valentine, Bring It On Home To Me, Don't Get Around Much Anymore and You're The Fist... are highlights. His covers always have that special factor because of the people he surrounds himself with, brilliant band and backing vocalists. Actually, the best showcase of who he is as an artist can be seen on his live concerts, I was lucky to see him twice and I would gladly see him again.
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  5. A little late to the party after just hearing Higher on the radio.

    It’s literally an absolute banger.

    Who’d have thought it.
  6. I know right? It really is probably the best original he has done after Home although I really like I Got It Easy from To Be Loved album. Anyway, its a great album and what a perfect way to finish it with a Smile song.

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  7. Gave the album a listen before bed and this is probably his strongest album since To Be Loved. ‘Higher’, ‘I’ll Never Not Love You’ and ‘Baby I’ll Wait’ are his best original tracks since the To Be Loved album. I’ve been a fan since the It’s Time era and I was sort of getting bored with him after these last two albums but this one really takes it up a notch and also makes his music exciting for me again.

    I just saw him for my 6th time back in September and I’m already excited for another tour for this material.
  8. This is probably my favorite video actually. Its quite simple in context but with all the dancing and beautiful women in red, its great:

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  9. Higher down to £5.99 on Amazon. On the day of release!
  10. Gave the album a listen and i agree, it's one of his strongest.

    Really like his originals - Higher, I'll Never Not Love You, Mother and Baby I'll Wait.

    "You're the first, the last, my everything" and "Bring It On Home To Me" are great songs too.
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  11. He is planning something in Spanish. Also, its cute how Noah came up with the hook for Higher and hilarious how lter on Michael feared potential plagiarism:

  12. Oh my, his Drivers License is incredible. Radio 2 have now A-listed it.
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