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Michelle Branch - Hopeless Romantic (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Seger, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Hopeless Romantic, in retrospect, was a strange choice for the lead. She was never going to get a hit, but perhaps something more upbeat would have grabbed a bit more attention from older casual fans.
  2. Haven't listened to this album in a while but this morning - freezing cold, sun shining, leaves on the trees golden brown and THIS ALBUM just came alive for me.
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  3. Exactly, she needed to go all Taylor/Katy on us and have fan listening parties and youtube documentaries and stuff to re-introduce herself to the music-buying/streaming public. It did all feel a little secretive.
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  4. "Not a love song" was supposed to be a single. There were even plans to film a music video... but then again, everything went down.
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  5. The whole album is great and it's sad it flopped that hard but it somehow was to be expected. Still one of ma favourite releases of the year and Fault Line is - like many other songs - just perfect.
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  6. There isn't a bad song on this.
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  7. Fault Line has become a favorite.
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  8. If anyone has been given Amazon/ HMV/ iTunes gift tokens for Christmas, you don't yet know what to do with them but want a safe, solid pop album and missed out earlier in the year, then here is your answer & a safe bet:

    You won't regret it.
  9. Great album. Was never going to not flop and it doesn't matter. In the 90's this would have been huge, which means it's still great music whether it flopped or not.
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  10. In my top 10 of 2017, maybe even top 5. really strong set of songs and still sad she had to cancel the tour.
  11. Back to listening to this great album again and then Spotify started playing Hotel Paper and I FORGOT (how could I forget) how amazing this album is too (especially the run from Are You Happy Now - Tuesday Morning). Empty Handed is one of her best ever songs.
  12. I come back to Hopeless Romantic so much! It's not an instant album, but over time the melodies just work there way into your mind. I also love the lyricism across the album, and while her vocals don't seem as strong and clear as they once were, they convey a lot of emotion.
  13. Oh now All You Wanted is hitting me with it's full force.

    AND Something to Sleep To.

    Okay I need a new album Michelle.
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  14. Thank you for reminding me about this gem!
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  15. Hopefully it won't be a fifteen year wait for the next album. It's still so sad to think what could have been with the 'West Coast Time' album.
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  16. It's a shame the album wasn't more successful. I think I read she was getting The Wreckers back together again?
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  17. I luckily got to see her perform a few tracks off the album in London, but I'm still bitter that the main tour was cancelled. I can't see her putting out another album for at least a couple of years now she's pregnant.
  18. She better not be.
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  19. She posted about Hotel Paper turning 15 years old yesterday (!) and mentioned she was working on getting it released on vinyl. I'm not especially into vinyl but her first two albums on it would be a must!
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  20. I still wish she released Temporary Feeling as a single. It would have catched on. What a mistake. I know her label politics were a drag but it's just sad what could have been.
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