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Michelle Branch - Hopeless Romantic (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Seger, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. Hope your quinceanera is lit!
  2. I had almost forgotten about her... It seems this album is very good, I should check it out! Better late than never.
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  3. It's a fantastic album. As good as her debut.
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  4. I hope it's limited success hasn't put her off making music. I really expected it to be bigger than it was.
  5. I can't stop listening to "last night". Amazing track. She just had her baby and seems to keep working for another artists making backing vocals. So, with Patrick Carney at home I think she'll keep making music on her own and maybe release something independent next year.
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  6. I think I was a little "Ooh, she sounds different" when I first listened to the album. But with repeated listens you really warm to her vocal style and actually every single track is superb.

    I'd love a new album from her next year please.
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  7. Although it was still a long time after Hotel Paper, I think if she managed to put out either the full-length Everything Comes And Goes or the West Coast Time album she'd be in a very different position now. It was the continued delays and cancellations that affected her post-Everything Comes And Goes because it really drains people's interest although I guess none of it was her fault.
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  8. West Coast Time and Everything comes and goes were so much better than Hopeless Romantic. It’s a shame they were not released officially instead.
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  9. Sorry but no... they were not.
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  10. Hopeless Romantic is genuinely one of my favourite albums of the last few years. It's such an easy listen all the way through.
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  11. I guess it depends what you want from Michelle. I think Everything Comes And Goes and what we've heard of West Coast Time are great, and many of the songs echo back to her popular sound, but I'm glad after so long away she showed progression and came back with a new sound.
  12. Broken Bracelet is on Spotify. I always thought it was an unreleased album? I got some listening to do. Just heard Leap of Faith and it sounded gorgeous.
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  13. I don't think it was unreleased, but a small independent release before her major debut The Spirit Room. It's been on iTunes for a long time.
  14. Ah okay, thanks for the info.
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  15. I don't go back to The Wreckers stuff at all. Especially when Branch revealed the drama that prevented them from doing a second album.
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  16. I've never paid much attention to The Wreckers stuff either. Looking back and reading about it, it seems like a bit of a contentious era for Michelle and her fans. Isn't it the same time she went on a rant at her fans on her forum too?
  17. That was Hotel Paper era was it not? Because people weren't happy that 'Til I Get Over You' was the 3rd single. A song I absolutely love by the way.
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  18. Same here. Beautiful track. Despite Hotel Paper not being quite as amazing as The Spirit Room, it sure has some wonderful songs - Tuesday Morning is just.... fantastic.

    I'm thankful we got Hopeless Romantic and that it was just as good as those other albums.
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  19. I googled her forum rant and I totally forgot that she shaded The Veronicas in her rant.
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  20. Tuesday Morning remains that song.
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