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Michelle Branch - Hopeless Romantic (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Seger, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. I just read the rant and I stan.
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  2. Where's this rant? I need to see.

    I remember being on her forum when she would post an update for the fans, kind of sweet looking back at it.
  3. I remember seeing her record this on a Much Music special and I was so annoyed for so long that I could never find the song. What a fucking bop.

    Alright, I don't even know why I am still awake seeing as I have to be up in a few hours to feed Owen.

    What I am most frustrated at, I suppose is...I pay money to keep this website up so all of you "fans" can talk about our music. Why would I want to spend the money so the majority of you can sit around and b1tch about us?

    I understand that you are frustrated with the fact that there isn't any music for you to listen to. Don't you think Jessica and I are frustrated too?? We finished this record over a year ago and were sent on a lame ass tour we didn't want to be on. It was a horrible idea to headline a show playing music that nobody had ever heard. Maverick wanted to make a quick buck, and unfortunately, we were obligated by contract to do so. I was 5 months pregnant when we started that tour and believe me...it was the last place I wanted to be. Then I got pushed into doing a Santana song I didn't want to do (I didn't write it either, Shanks wanted me to sing it so bad, that was a bargaining tool), Maverick wouldn't let me do it unless Jess was on it so they would get "free" promotion for a record they didn't even understand or believe in for the most part. The record wasn't released because Maverick didn't want me promoting an album pregnant. They thought it would look bad to my young fans...bull.

    As far as "biting the hand that feeds you"...

    I would give nothing more than to play music in a shitty bar and fold clothes at The Gap for a living. My "being famous" has done nothing but ruin my relationship with my parents, mostly my Father and it has made me hate doing what I used to love more than life itself...playing music. I have been pushed around and now most of you see me as someone who I never really was, and most of you can't accept the plain fact that people change and grow up and I'm not the little girl you think I am. I have a family of my own now, a baby...the last thing I could imagine doing is making music. I'm fine financially (although I don't make millions contrary to popular belief.) and being a famous musician has brought nothing to my life besides strife. (Okay, I met my wonderful husband and bandmate because of it.) I have maybe written two songs in the past year. That's ridiculous. This isn't fun for me anymore. I'm sick of sucking dicks to get my music heard, putting on a fake smile, and saying things that are acceptable.

    On the contrary, The Wreckers album makes me very proud and excited again. It's almost like my first day at a new school. It’s a fresh start. I'm finally excited to tour (although I need to find a nanny!) and I am looking forward to seeing what fans think.

    You know, I CAN take the criticism. I just don't understand why I should pay for an arena for you to do it. If you are a "fan" why do you speak about Jessica and I in that way?

    I never wanted to be put on a pedestal... I just wanted to make music. And believe me, many times I have thought I was going to quit. It's too much energy to pretend it's fun. You can call me a baby if you'd like, but life is too short to spend it being miserable.

    This board is going to be shut down tonight. I think we all need a break. When the Wreckers album finally comes out, we'll see the ones who decided to stick around. As for the rest of you, I meant it when I said "f-off"

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  4. I am the biggest Michelle stan and I have never heard this. I'm about to have a stroke.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Damn. I can only imagine what fans were saying around that time.
  6. We need more artists to tell their fans to "f-off" more often.
  7. Wait
  8. Seems like they really did with the first week sales from this album.
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  9. Oooof!!

    I love this album.
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  10. Oh damn I didn't know about that rant, though her forum is how I found out about Popjustice. I feel bad about her. The last time I remember checking it out, circa 2013, it was relatively tame. Lots of users making assumptions and telling her what to do as if she owed them anything though, but that's a problem with every fanbase. Add the frustration of barely getting any new material due to label shenanigans, and the atmosphere would get tense every other week.
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  11. The bit where she bitched about the Santana song that ended up getting her a Grammy is killing me particularly.
  12. I can totally understand her frustration as record labels have totally fucked her over more than once.

    The fact that Hopeless Romantic nearly didn’t happen either because of label executives. She should just self fund and do it on her own terms now.
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  13. Was she referencing 'The Game of Love' or another song, as she says it wasn't released in the end? Surely she doesn't hate The Game of Love??
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  14. I don't know what was going on there BUT this album is still amazing.
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  15. She was referring to I’m Feeling You, her second Santana collaboration.

    And also, maybe now would be a good time to start my endlessly delayed Michelle rate? Would any of you be interested?
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  16. Absolutely!
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  17. I’m in.
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  18. Pretty sure there was a second, no less hilarious forum meltdown towards the Wreckers era when fans were implying she’d taken on a fake country accent. Never change, Michelle!

    Wonder what her next project will be? Sidenote - her new baby is super cute.
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  19. Please!!!!
  20. Best You Ever really clicked with me today. The lo-fi production on the album overall is very underrated/understated.

    I appreciate it a lot more now.
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