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Michelle Branch - Hopeless Romantic (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Seger, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. I loved Hopeless Romantic. It felt like a measured, sophisticated reintroduction to her songwriting. My main complaint is the amount of vocal restraint she used on the songs. I wish she would have sung with a bit more of the grit found on her first 2 albums. She sang the new songs much better in a live setting. I hope she trends more towards bombastic pop rock with this new record!
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  2. Fingers crossed it’s another Carney produced album!
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  3. Fingers crossed she stops shitting on top 40 pop music when her old top 40 pop songs are all that pays the bills!
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  4. Yes! Hopeless Romantic is my favorite album of hers. She really knocked it out of the park with that album. Here's hoping the next one is just as good.
  5. I like Hopeless Romantic but I kind of prefer her unreleased music more. The two albums that did not get released are way better to me.
  6. A reminder that this bop exists!

  7. Hopeless Romantic was soooooooooo good. Yes, it was strange to the ear upon first listen as her voice was very different to her first two records but that aside, these songs were just so brilliant. Excited for more!
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  8. I was so disappointed with Hopeless Romantic, not the direction I expected. Whenever I listen to Golden Hour I think that would have been a great follow up for Michelle. Look forward to what's next still, Spirit Room will always be a classic.
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  9. I think Hopeless Romantic is her strongest record by far. Not a single dud.
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  10. It is a great album indeed. I know she won't disappoint. My fave song from hopeless romantic:

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  11. I love the singles from her first two albums - but I wouldn’t want that teenage angsty pop-rock from her now. Hopeless Romantic was a brilliant album. Everything down to that psychedelic-rock inspired sound that Carney made for her. I need lots more of this, please!
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  12. Hard to choose but I'd say mine would be:

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  13. My favorite album from her is Everything Comes and Goes. Such a shame we still don't have it in full and high quality, one of her best lyrics.
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  14. Hopeless Romantic is by far my favourite album of hers.
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  15. Hotel Paper cannot be dislodged from my heart ever, honestly.
  16. I love these songs:

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  17. The Spirit Room and Hotel Paper really are great albums. I wish Hotel Paper was a little more consistent as it dips for me in places but it's still a fine record.
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  18. Spirit Room and Hotel Paper were both great albums. I may not actively seek them out now, but I can't shake that happy-nostalgic feeling I get when songs from those albums come up on shuffle. Some part of my youth was soundtracked by Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback etc., and I continued to listen to some bands and artists while the others faded into happy memories. I get that same happy-nostalgic feeling when I listen to songs from Avril Lavigne's first two albums (and a few Nickelback albums) - the only difference is I don't care about anything Avril has released post-2007, but Michelle gave us Hopeless Romantic and that is worth the continued devotion.

    I need to listen to Michelle's unreleased album again and see if there is anything in there for me. I do remember liking one song when it first leaked.
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  19. Which one? Lols.

    This is exciting news. Hopeless Romantic was great, but thought it felt a bit tug of war at times between 00s-style Michelle and the Black Keys. Interested to hear where she's landing this time round. And whether she's gone fully independent! She got dropped after the last album, right?
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  20. The actual album has been available as a promo version on ebay a few times. The High Quality tracks leaked.

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