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Michelle Branch

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Hotel_paper, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. Michelle has received the Spirit Room vinyl - so expect them to ship soon (once she's done signing...) There's some video on her Instagram stories and they look cute. Inner sleeve is a collage of outtakes from the photoshoot, and it appears to have all the lyrics written on inside the gatefold.
  2. Michelle is featuring on Trixie Mattel’s upcoming “The Pink Album” - track 1 “White Rabbit” (second slide).

  3. my arizona gal
  4. Just a heads up that Trixie's album will be released on Friday and features Michelle on "White Rabbit."
  5. It’s… cute?

    Can’t believe after Trixie spent literally YEARS going on about how much she loves Michelle Branch, finally persuades her into a collaboration, this is the result? A couple of chorus background vocals? Flop fan
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  6. New single on the way!

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  7. It’s been deleted. Feel sorry for her what happened. Can’t believe her husband did something like that.
  8. I was surprised she posted it on Twitter to be honest.
    It's very sad.
  9. What did it say?
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  10. What an asshole. And while she's promoting this song.

    She asked people to share what I'm A Man means to them hours earlier. Did someone... send her something?
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  11. What a scumbag.
  12. I assume this is about that tweet. She found out her husband cheated on her with his band's manager.

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