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Loud Music Lyrics

And now and then I get to wonderin'
What would have happen if we never met
I don't know
You take a drag of your cigarette
And drivin' too fast with some Zeppelin on, oh oh

You know you had me at "cool t-shirt, babe"
I said I wished that I'd seen Hendrix play
You took me home to see your new guitar
Turning it up, shook me all night long

Making loud music
We're making loud music
We're making loud music
You and I
So loud, so (loud)

It was like my life began that day
I still remember what the jukebox started to play
And then we had to take it on the road
Start me up like a rolling stone

What we got feels so good
Like I'm climbing a stairway to heaven
And it turns me on
When we dial it up all the way to eleven
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I am so excited for this. The video looks GREAT!!! I love the travelling/ beach/ theme of it... We need to promote this. Pop/ rock female singers need to make a come back.
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phily693 said:
Areth said:
This is great. I'm palpably grateful when I hear the pop-rock sound revived; I'll always miss the era when that was the template for radio pop. It's a genre that, no matter how cheesy or generic, emphasizes melody. The current dance/urban mold that producers default to can of course produce great songs, but I feel the median quality level has gone down by virtue of the genre switchup in the last five or six years.

Maybe we'll see a new vogue of pop-rock. Few things could make me happier, to be honest.

I agree. I really loved the pop-rock era, even if the reason why I still love it is because of the memories I have attached, but nonetheless it was a great era. Personally, I'd love to see it make a comeback. It produced 4 (maybe 5) fabulous albums in the form of Breakaway, My December, Let Go, Under My Skin, and Autobiography. And I know this is a pop forum, but I loved that rock was so prominent then and I'd love for that to come back around again too.

onedayasatiger said:
Been blasting 'All You Wanted' all day today, my housemates must hate me by now. I've always thought her but a less-talented Vanessa Carlton (cause they're both brunettes, I'm not superficial at all...), but a lot of her material is really quite enjoyable, isn't it? New song sounds great too...

Don't worry I do the same thing. Everytime I try to picture what Michelle looks like I think of Vanessa Carlton first.
Thank GOD I am not alone on that. I swear I thought Michelle Branch sang "A Thousand Miles" until about three years ago.


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Sooner Or Later got to the Hot 100 at #98 (28,000 copies sold on its opening week). Hopefully this will break the Hot 100 too.

It's currently #24 in airplay. It charted in the US Billboard Adult Pop Songs but I don't know what position.

Funny how she released Loud Music Hits EP now. It's just Loud Music plus all her previous singles from Hotel Paper and The Spirit Room.
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Any update on the new album? As expected Loud Music is suffering in reception.
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This song isn't getting much airplay, but I ended up discovering it via the radio. My favorite rock/alternative station plays it occasionally and the first time I heard it I knew I had to download it. I was so surprised it was Michelle!


I liked this EP just for the fact that there's recent Michelle Branch material. I wish Crazy Ride was a single. Anyway, I'm greatly looking forward to her third album. It's long overdue.

Random: Hotel Paper could've been bigger if she launched it with Breathe instead of Are You Happy Now.
Think it's pretty obvious the third album's dead and buried. Poor Michelle. Just hope we get to hear full studio versions of Spark and For Dear Life too.
Hotel Paper and The Spirit Room are both extraordinary pop albums. The energy of some of those tracks is up there with some of Kelly Clarkson's bests.

I was watching some acoustic sessions from 2009 on YouTube today where she sang "all you wanted" and "everywhere"- both timeless songs. My favorite Michelle Branch song is "Where are You Now?" but there is only one very low-quality live version of it on youtube.

I follow her on facebook and she seems much more into explaining what she's making for dinner or photographing her hikes than she seems to care about her music career. Which is fine, but it's sad because she did really well on the charts and everyone thought her career was just beginning to take off back when Hotel Paper came out.
I was such a huge fan a couple of years ago and loved literally everything, but I drifted away, is there anything new at all?. I was following up to 'Everything Comes and Goes'.

It seems like such a waste thinking of all the great music we could have got, though if she isn't really that invested in music anymore there's nothing fans can do..
She's been getting screwed over by her label for a good four years now. The full Everything Comes and Goes LP got scrapped, as did a second attempt at a solo country album, and I'll be very surprised if West Coast Time ever surfaces considering it's almost two years old. The pop/rock bits and pieces we've heard from that are alright, but I wonder if her heart was really in it. Loud Music/Mastermind/Happen to Call and even Sooner or Later all sound so laboured - lyrically and melodically they pale in comparison to stuff she recorded when she was a teenager. She should sign to an indie record and record whatever she likes, without a label breathing down her neck trying to turn her into the next Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. You only need to listen to some of the shelved country material to know she's still got a couple of great - albeit low-key - albums in her.



Japanese singer-songwriter Rihwa has released a collaboration single with American pop artist Michelle Branch. The song “GOOD LOVE” is now available in iTunes stores worldwide.

Michelle Branch debuted at age 18 with the album THE SPIRIT ROOM, released by the Madonna’s Maverick label in 2001. Her singles “Everywhere,” “All You Wanted,” and “Goodbye To You” have sold more than 4,000,000 copies around the world, including 350,000 copies in Japan. Branch received the Grammy Award for “The game of love” (with Santana), and is currently regarded as one of America’s premiere singer-songwriters.

Rihwa got to know the music of Michelle Branch 6 years ago, while studying in Canada.

“When I was in high cchool in Canada, I chose to sing Michelle’s “All you wanted” in my vocal training class because it fit my taste,” said Rihwa. “I never imagined that one day I could sing with Michelle.” After Branch extended the invitation to Rihwa, she composed “GOOD LOVE” with a country style, a genre Rihwa is very fond of. The pair recorded their parts separately in Los Angeles and Japan.

“This collaboration is the realization of a dream! I started music because I was moved by its power to connect people beyond language. Michelle and I were connected by music and we met. Now I’m more convinced of what I felt when I started my activity as a musician.”

Michelle Branch added, “Music is so powerful. It can cross barriers and bring people together. When I heard Rihwa was a fan, I was very flattered. I love hearing her voice on this song and I hope Japanese fans enjoy it too!”

Michelle Branch is still active y'all! Here's the full song in the link below.

And it's available in iTunes now.